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12 months after the baby is born in the main points of care in this – the mother and father of Sohu, a lot of new parents because there is no parenting experience, the basic will ask their parents to help with the child. After all, can not be entrusted to the elderly all the things, and sometimes have to rely on their own, we will take stock of the baby’s 12 months after the birth of the child’s points, the novice parents to rise knowledge. Do not seek to become a child care experts, but not because of negligence and affect the baby. The first 1 months, 24 hours to hepatitis B vaccine, bcg. 2, the newborn can sleep 16 to 20 hours a day. 3, do not pillow pillow, towel folded eighty percent off pillows, after a month to the baby pillow, pillow height of 3 to 4 cm is appropriate. 4, breast milk feeding and feeding for half an hour not to feed water, dilute gastric juice affect digestion, before going to bed without feeding water. Pure breastfeeding can not feed water within 6 months. Artificial feeding, between two meals need to feed water. 5, early black and white pictures, intelligence, distance from the glasses at 20 cm, a photo every week, until the baby has a reaction. (0 – 3 months), during the neonatal period, according to the need to feed the baby hungry on the feeding on the 6. Second months of 1, each breast feeding for 10 – 15 minutes, every three hours to feed, to develop a good habit of feeding. 2, do not shake the way to coax the baby to sleep, affect brain development, easy to affect intelligence. If you want to coax, can be small, regular, gentle and soothing, each time about 10 minutes is appropriate. 3, 45 days can train the baby up, two times a day, every 10 seconds, each time not more than one minute prone. 4, do not often hold the baby, is not conducive to the formation of independent character. Third months, 1 morning can sleep at 2 times, 1~2 times, 1~2 sleep sleep at night. 2, feeding 6 times a day, each 100ml~120ml or so, the total amount of more than 600ml. 3, accompany the baby hair a, e and other vowels, training baby chase ability. 4, give the baby a massage, bath every day after massage massage, effectively promote the development of the nervous system and the sensory system exercise baby (puzzle). 5, children often sleep migraine prevention. Fourth months 1, to the baby pillow pillow, pillow height 3~4 cm. 2, baby swimming can improve intelligence. Can enhance self-confidence, enhance immunity, increase vital capacity, bedtime swimming can promote the increase in height and weight of the baby. 3, do not give the baby to watch TV for more than 3 minutes, radiation, bad for the eyes. 4, training baby vision, color pictures to color, teach baby to know the different colors. 5, with cotton swabs to the baby teeth. 6, training the baby with hand grasping things, training baby smell. 7, listen to three songs to learn pronunciation words. Add time of fifth months, 1 complementary to children according to the physiological development, if the child has the complementary conditions can be added. The earliest but not earlier than 4 months later, not later than 8 months. 2, the first spoon to the baby’s stomach without any burden of rice began..相关的主题文章: