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Arts-and-Entertainment Hollywood couples, the frontrunners of fashion and gossip. Sometimes its not enough seeing one incredibly beautiful person. Nothing beats quantity, and of course quality at the same time. So we squared off, and paired off the couples who we think should be on the top 15 Most Stylish Couples. Heres what we came up with: Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie As if being the most beautiful and hottest couple in Hollywood wasnt enough, they just have to take the crown for the most stylish also. Showcasing their fashion sense at the Oscars or Cannes isnt the only time and place when they choose to wear their posh and yet .fortable attires. They show the world why exactly their number wherever they go. Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes You dont need to have dignity and credibility nowadays to look fantastic. Judging by Tom Cruise, the saying is all true. Not only do the couple who has been the poster family for scientologists all around look good together, they also manage to show how stylish their daughter Suri is also. As for the wifey, fashion pal Victoria Beckham has this to say, Katie has an incredible figure. She dresses quite classically, which is very different than most women in L.A. David Beckham & Victoria Beckham The epitome of posh as well as the male icon for athletic prowess has graced the New World with their fashion sense. For most women, David in his soccer uniform while covered in mud and grass stains is enough for him to be labeled as stylish, while Victoria with her audacity for experimentation does earn her the respect of fashionistas. Gavin Rossdale & Gwen Stefani The two rock icons of days gone by are still blazing up the Hollywood fashion scene with their style. Having confessed her love of clothes since childhood, Gwen has certainly .e a long way since playing dress up with Grandmas clothes. As for Gavin, it might be a sad truth that after the disappearance of his band Bush, as well as a short lived Hollywood career, but still hes looking good. Sometimes you just have to look at the bright side. Marc Anthony & Jennifer Lopez Having a record breaking marriage to Latin pop sensation Marc Anthony (its her longest marriage to date) must have done something to J-lo. Call it constant proximity that eventually leads to an evolution of physical homogeny, or whatever, they managed to look good together. Seal & Heidi Klum Not having a last name is not only the mystery behind the singing divo briefly named Seal. Its also a mystery how these two exude an unexplainable aura which makes them a really scorching couple. Then again, a Cro-Magnon could stand beside Heidi Klum and still look amazing. Gabriel Aubry & Halle Berry – What I love about fashion is that I can invite it into my life when I want to, but I dont feel pressure to be the most fashionable person of the moment, said Halle Berry. How I wish her male model boyfriend Gabriel Aubry wouldve said something back, just so Id have more material to fill up this segment. Eric Dane & Rebecca Gayheart Weve all heard of the phrase fifteen minutes of fame. It couldnt be truer for this couple. After wowing us all at the Emmys with their traditional tuxedo and a gown by Carlos Miele as well as shiny rocks of bling-bling proportions from Harry Winston, they certainly showed us that you can sometimes make this list by pure dumb luck. Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi If you think youll find any Lesbian or homophobic jokes around here, look somewhere else. These two look really good together. Ellen has her signature sneakers, and Portia flashes her Pizzazz. Not only do their smiles .pliment each other, they have more reasons to smile about now since theyre getting married (now Portias de will get beefed up into an upper-case De). So take that you conservative rednecks! Tony Parker & Eva Longoria Parker Just because the Spurs didnt even make it to the Finals this year doesnt mean Tony Parker lost on everything. He still has a very smart dresser for a wife, and hot to boot. Tony might look like a giant while standing beside her, or rather Eva might appear to be a gnome. Nevertheless, their strict fashion sense outshines the gross display of height difference. Jay-Z & Beyonce Knowles Shes pregnant and is now called Mrs.Z. Still, these two have shown us time and again just how dominant their fashion consciousness is in their long relationship. Not only do they look good in their music videos but to their appearances in awards ceremonies as well. Mary Kate & Ashlee Olsen Though not necessarily a couple, these twins have been such a presence in Hollywood that its hard to ignore them as a stylish pair of Hollywood divas. Little may be done about their identity crisis, but at least they dress really well. Its probably also a selling point on how they blatantly contrast one another. Ones the wholesome Olsen while the other is, well, a drug addict. Its the archetypal Cain and Abel relationship that makes them go together. Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore It appears that Demis boy-toy knows how to dress on his own without his sugar mommy playing dress the big dolly. He has his own style, and he sticks to it, growled the cougar. As for Demi, shes always known how to dress fantastic, even way before she disappeared from under the spotlight and went under the knife. Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta Jones Age aint nothing but a number, as the late Aaliyah once sang. It wouldnt be a surprise if this couple kept it as their theme song when they dress up before wowing us with their fashion know-how. They might not be all that present in the Hollywood scene anymore, but we still get goosebumps when we see them traverse the red carpet with their classic outfits. Tony Leung & Zhang Zi Yi They may not be a couple (never was and probably never will be), but if we were to pick just who could represent the Asian minority in Hollywood, these two would fit the bill. Being devilishly sexy and beautiful, especially in her role as Sayuri in Memoirs of a Geisha, and he being the Hong Kong version of George Clooney, only he has a boyish charm, these two should have gotten together if only to put Asians on lists such as these. More News at Newsbeet.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: