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2017 of the best travel list, Miss regret – the world’s largest private Sohu tourism travel guide publisher "Lonely Planet", has always been in a fair, honest and different authors personality full text and narrative attracts global travel enthusiasts attention, known as travel bible. Recently, "Lonely Planet" released 2017 best travel Best in recommended Travel 2017, provides walking direction for world travelers in 2017, the selected destination in the next year, or more easy to arrive, or having a new change. Take a look at them, they are not exactly where you want to go? No.1 Canada Canada Canada is a vast land area ranked second in the world, the territory has a difficult to count the wonders of beauty. Here, the towering mountains is a landmark, vigorous plateau, fertile valleys, clear lakes and numerous legendary rivers, arranged in a crisscross pattern and dotted with islands, Canada is a natural scenery lets a person as the acme of perfection, whether in the wilderness or a bustling city, can find traces of nature. Northwest is the world’s best known to see the aurora holy. In 2017, Canada will usher in 150 birthday this year, Canadian Tourism Bureau has announced to the world: at that time, all national parks will be open free to all visitors, welcome travelers from around the world to celebrate together. Presumably, in 2017, Canada, will fall into the sea of joy. No.2 Columbia Colombia opening of the Columbia Tourism Bureau official website, the first thing is that: "the only worry is, let you forget the slogen, people can not help but want to find out. In this country, in the eyes of many people, and has been a great coffee and fine jade equated, but in fact, here is the legendary gold in the homeland, and Garcia Marcks works in the prototype Ma kang. This is a suitable exploration and relaxed state, here, you can go to the Amazon jungle exploration to the Pacific, viewing humpback whales, Plo Weeden Thea and go to Santa Catalina on vacation, go to Santander to play gliding kayaking, rafting, bungee jumping, spelunking. In 2017, it will usher in the world’s top Catholic – Pope Francis (Pope Francis), then the country will meet for the first time in 30 years, the Pope’s visit and a sensation in the world. No.3 Finland Finland Finland as far north is hidden in a jewel, "a small country, but the" big "taste, clean air where the degree of one of the best in the world, the magnificent scenery does not lose any country. She is a country of thousands of lakes, is also the land of the forest – no matter where you go, lakes and forests will not be too far away from you. Has traveled around the world, no longer feel surprised to find you, in 2017, you can go to Finland to explore a! "Lonely Planet" (Lonely Plan).相关的主题文章: