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The completion of Shandong’s first submarine power cable laying (Figure) – Beijing, Beijing, Yantai, September 14, (Yang Bingma Lee) 14 reporters from Yantai power supply department, the completion of the Yantai power station to station Changshan Tang Qiu 12 submarine cable laying, the total length of the 10.5 km submarine cable, submarine power cable is in Shandong province the first successful installation. It is reported that the cable in Penglai, traveling through the Dengzhou channel, finally landed in Long Island County, a cable room, Long Island is connected with the inland of Yantai electric power communication network only cable channel. The successful laying of the optical cable marks the full implementation of the Long Island power grid optical cable project into the construction phase of the implementation of the stability and reliability of the power supply to the island network security. After the completion of the cable can be used for distribution automation, power information collection, video surveillance and other production and business operations, to adapt to the network access point of business, the sudden flow of large. Long Island is the only island county of Shandong Province, located between Jiaodong Peninsula and Liaodong Peninsula yellow Bohai interchange, the county is composed of 32 islands, geographical complex, communication network construction difficulties, Shandong province is not only realize the full coverage of the county substation cable. The climatic conditions of Long Island county are changeable, the hydrological condition is complex, and the seabed topography is unknown. Yantai power supply will also be located in the Long Island islands within more than and 60 km of submarine cable, to achieve the full coverage of the network between the Long Island County grid optical cable. (end)相关的主题文章: