The Westward Journey game player 2016 Carnival friendship invitation 追踪309

The "Westward Journey" 2016 Carnival game player CGWR score was friendship novice card booking | Westward Journey 2 big area for fourteen years, the friendship with you! From December 10th to December 11th, Westward Journey 2016 game player Carnival will be held in the Beijing grand friendship, invites you to come together, a big game player belongs to all the joy with you Be There Or Be Square festival! By then, all members of the family will bring big heavy updates to open a new look; big 2 undifferentiated PK tournament finals line shock struck, full service four UPS, witness the glory who will win; classic scenes and gameplay will reappear, fun garden and super value benefits you experience! Good brother, come together! Westward Journey 2016 Carnival Game Player UPS for you to invite me, coronation: big 2 undifferentiated PK finals to give you a stage, and all the people to war! "Westward Journey 2" no difference PK match will be hot hit, here, you can experience no difference in high-end configuration, verify the ingenious PK tactics, enjoy the thrills of the thrill of battle, 200 thousand yuan more champions cash reward, high value honor rings, exclusive title reward waiting for you to win! After fierce competition, serving all the top four teams will be invited to the scene of the 2016 game player Carnival UPS, decide the TopAsia quarter champion, the crowning glory! By then, we can visit the site or visit the official website to watch the game, to witness the players in the field of PK style! Big 2 Classic Edition no difference PK. > > > big 2 classic version of PK had the same isa > > > "Westward Journey 2" no difference PK tournament will be hot started flourishing Tang, three aspect: game player carnival, fete Changan in the big arena, you have a taste of Changan city spirit downtown, traveled to every scenic palace of the palace, leaving you fighting figure in the temple in hell…… Every scene, every game has brought you a lot of fun. This time, the 2016 game player Carnival scene, Westward Journey will bring you a carnival fun garden party activities, bring you a taste of authentic flourishing Tang style. Here, there are many classic game scenes true, interesting reproduction of imperial examination, five, contest and other classic games, classic role and NPC interact with your site, the experience of more than a reality version of big rivers and lakes, but also can participate in interactive games to win lucrative incentives surrounding! Westward Journey classic game scene — Changan city as time, journey to the West: people love outstanding drama "fate" in September this year, a big game player to participate in the creation of human micro animation "fate" aesthetic release, to sacrifice and night Xi Ling soul Calibur reincarnation story, the interpretation of the big game player with deep resonance of the arena of chivalry with three love. This will be the 2016 game player carnival, a Doujin micro animation story as a blueprint, inviting the famous COSER team portrait appeared, the real interpretation of this touching love story. Journey to the West with micro animation game player "fate" Westward Journey 2016 Carnival upcoming game player.相关的主题文章: