The deaf mute school 95 students entered the thirty years of age to celebrate his alma mater matlab 等高线�

The deaf mute school 95 students entered the "thirty years of age" to his alma mater birthday network picture in November 18th, the warm sunlight in Zhoushan deaf (Qi Zhi) every corner of the school. The day is the celebration of the 30 anniversary of the school day, 95 graduates from the Deaf Department with passion, from from all sides back to his alma mater, for their birthday. The first student to about 30 years in November 18th at 1:30 in the afternoon, when a reporter walked into this school, saw on a plastic playground of a number of men are keen to see people playing basketball, wonderful place on the edge of the palm shoot from time to time to cheer. It is only when they use sign language to praise and communicate with each other that they feel they are deaf and dumb. Gu Zhujun, a retired school teacher, faced with these children, eyes moist from time to time, but she is pleased that these children are now grown up, have a fixed income. 39 year old Wang Bingyan and 41 year old husband Lu Hangcai two people are ready to travel back to the Jintang school gate, see Gu Zhujun, were enthusiastic and ran over, hand gestures to her greeting. Wang Bingyan and Lu Hangcai is a difference of two alumni, Lu Hangcai is deaf school 86 students (the first). Reporters learned in the interview, when the school 86 sessions of a total of two classes, graduates of 32 people. "Jin days like water flow," young former classmates, now a bit more mature and stable; when the teacher has already Liangbinbanbai in high and vigorous spirits. "I haven’t seen each other since graduation." Gu Zhujun said. It is also true that each came in a classmate, we all look carefully, using sign language to try to speak out each other’s name, followed by warm embrace. Many deaf couples are alumni in the interview, the reporter found a lot of alumni deaf couple. Wang Bingyan told reporters, pointing to her and land Hangcai two are Dinghai Jintang, met in the deaf school, after graduation two people happened to be in the same home Jintang screw factory. Because they are deaf, have a common language, gradually alternate good, finally married. Today, children are 15 years old. "Now we have five thousand or six thousand yuan per person per month. Although the work is a bit bitter, but we are very happy!" Wang Bingyan gestures. This is a school, 18 students in Wang Bingyan’s class to 6, and 16 students in the class Hangcai land are here. The same is the 86 graduates of the deaf Mei Zhourong carrying a bag for women carefully watching the basketball match on the playground. When he saw Gu Zhujun coming, he said shyly. "Is this your wife?" Gu Zhujun smiled and asked him, "Mei Zhourong grinned and nodded. "Wife?" Gu Zhujun asked, Mei Zhourong grinning gestures: "gone, do not know where to run." "He is now working in a local enterprise, where a lot of deaf people go to work." Gu Zhujun is saying, 41 year old Zhang Yan ran over, excitedly greeted him. It is understood that in 30 years a total of more than 200 deaf people graduate from here, on their own, some when the workers have to start a business, and became advertising producer, all to find the value of your life and goals. 30 years, the school is slowly growing deaf in Zhoushan.相关的主题文章: