Do migratory birds, Hainan Sanya cold – Sohu to winter tourism 小坂めぐる

Do migratory birds in winter to Hainan Sanya River Sohu in the south of the sun in your travel snow, I in the north in the cold seasons such as spring. A lot of people will sing this song, in fact, the meaning of the lyrics with the reality is always a bit off, because every winter, has always been a tourist season in Hainan, Sanya. People flock to the island, not for anything else, just to swim in the beach in Sanya, and to be in close contact with the sea in the cold winter of the north. Sanya is the most southern Hainan Island City, it is 18 degrees north latitude area, plentiful of sunshine, the annual average temperature of less than 26 degrees. Even in the coldest of January, the average temperature was above 21 degrees. So the winter travel to Sanya is very comfortable. Choose to travel to Sanya, is the first choice for many travelers, but how to go? How to live? How do you swim? How do you eat? For those who have not been to Sanya, there are still a lot of confusion. If you read this article, I believe most of the confusion will disappear. How to get to Sanya? Hainan province is an island from the mainland, and the capital city of Sanya and from Hainan in Haikou province is about 280 kilometers, now Haikou and Sanya have been on the train. So go to Sanya can choose two options: Aircraft: the first choice for direct flights to Sanya Phoenix International Airport, the airport is only 11 km away from the urban area, under the plane to the city bus ride on the line. But the Sanya airport is not a lot of flights out of Hong Kong, and the price of the ticket is not very good. So I chose to fly to Haikou City Meilan International Airport, out of the airport gate right down to the tunnel (there are eye-catching signs at the entrance of the airport), is the Meilan Airport Station, where tickets can go directly to the Sanya train station. Motor car price is 79.50 yuan, about 105 minutes of driving time. It is only a long time to start the car, almost an hour less than a bus, of course, at the airport to take a long-distance bus to Sanya line. Self drive: drive to move to Haikou from the mainland side of the port of Haian, Xingang and the north coast of Guangdong Railway by RO RO, then go to Hainan East high-speed arrived in Sanya. The three ports are Guangdong Zhanjiang Xuwen County, the two port and the sea time is about 2.5-4.5 hours, the port of shipment and railway across the sea of time is usually 2 hours, and the ferry port railway, anti wave ability is also strong, will seasick friends preferred. The port of Haian and Haian Xingang are 24 hours open all day long, all 7 of the following car ferry fee is 420 yuan (including the driver), passengers 42 yuan per person, children under 1.2 meters free of charge, half price between 1.2-1,4 meters. All expressways in Hainan province were collecting tolls, but Hainan’s more expensive gasoline, tolls are included in the cost of oil. If you want your car to save money, suggested in the boat before the first vehicle oil tank. Because now belongs to the tourist season in Sanya, want to buy discounted tickets, it is a bit difficult. Can the ant nest, recently mafengwo engaged in "price return to 1996, offers many discount tickets to the hotel. Specific web site can be the following links: Second: how the 2相关的主题文章: