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Since the days of heavy rain in Nanjing was a residential building by landslides residents evacuated overnight in October, Nanjing hit by torrential rain, landslides occurred at about 4:20 pm on October 27th, the Nanjing chemical industry park in Dachang STREET KOWLOON Nangang wa King Mountain Group No. 84 Cave Hill, a length of about 20 meters, because the collapse of the area next to the Kowloon wa No. 234 then, the building of the building 24 households, 31 people in the evening are all emergency evacuation, no casualties. According to the 234 floor of the Kowloon wa resident Ms. Wang said: "due to the recent heavy rains, I live in the building two floor, I was at home cooking, suddenly heard outside the ‘rumble’ bang, I quickly climbed up to the window look, see the mountain collapsed down. I hurried to call next door neighbor and upstairs downstairs, quickly evacuated. Then we call the police." At the scene to see, this group of 84 and the king of the hill is located close to the No. 234 building, Kowloon, in the middle of a lane is about two meters wide. Wang Shan Group, 84, next to the mountain gap of about 10 meters, and now about a distance of about 20 meters away from the mountain almost collapsed, large chunks of gravel and soil impact to the residents of the home. The mountain cracked a treaty 1 meters wide cracks, the whole mountain at two times could collapse, the collapse of the site has a 380 volt high-voltage poles by a punching crooked, at any time may also fall down, the scene is very crisis. Due to heavy rains again and again, two landslides may occur at any time. After the accident, Chemical Industrial Park Public Security Bureau leadership, leadership, Dachang Chemical Park Street leaders are in the first time rushed to the scene, quickly set up in emergency teams, Park Street, Public Security Bureau, Construction Bureau, Land Bureau, power supply department, fuel company sent staff to participate in the emergency response team. First of all, the requirements of neighborhood committees with the public security police emergency, safe evacuation of all residents of the building, to ensure that all residents must evacuate immediately. Chemical Industrial Park Public Security Bureau police station director Hu Shilin xiejiadian led the secret police quickly rushed into the building, knocking from door to door household emergency evacuation notice. When he learned that the building there are two households in a 90 year old man did not leave at home, with two director Hu secret police knocked on the door of the old man himself, and hold the two old people evacuated, because the gravel mountain collapse blocked the roads, Hu arranged a special police hold Qinmin since the legs are not convenient grandmother, the grandmother holding to evacuate. To 18 PM or so, ultimately determine the building 24 residents evacuated safely, Hu Suocai evacuated, arrange SWAT POLICE closed the scene, preventing residents enter again. The Chemical Industry Park Chu Zhuoyu Secretary of the scene held an emergency meeting of the emergency response team, meeting the final four points: First: the first to the emergency evacuation of the building all the residents, whether the tenants or rental households, each household must contact, to ensure their safety, and to evacuate the residents to properly solve the problems of their lives. Two: close the site to prevent the occurrence of other secondary disasters. Public security joint Street Community arrangements for 24 hours on duty, any person without the consent of the public security department shall not enter.相关的主题文章: