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Cold hands and feet more afraid of the cold? How to eat both the coldest days in cold – Shandong channel — dispelled, or hot summer, always feel cold; cold wear more than others, are of no avail…… In life, a lot of people, especially women are troubled by "body cold". In addition to the disease, the emergence of a short board in the diet may also cause the body cold". "Life times" special nutrition experts, teach you to dispel the body cold, turned a small stove". Chinese medicine believes that the cold physique is due to the inside of the body have too much yin, on nutrient digestion and absorption function, and reduce the absorption of heat and cold in the body. Therefore, we can start from the diet to see what is missing in our diet? First, whether the protein is sufficient. Director of the people’s Liberation Army 309th hospital nutrition department Zuo Xiaoxia said, clinical findings of many women, especially during weight loss, a serious shortage of protein and protein intake, and the amount of muscle, hemoglobin synthesis, oxygen transport has a direct relationship, eat not easily lead to physical weakness, poor resistance, cold. Moreover, in the three "heat nutrients in food protein (thermal effect due to eating caused additional energy consumption phenomenon, in the form of the highest temperature): 20%~30%, for increased body temperature most helpful. Adult women recommended daily intake of 55 grams of protein, the male is 65 grams. Among them, the best quality protein can be accounted for the total protein of 30%~50% and above. The best source of high quality protein is fish, poultry, eggs, meat, soy, milk, etc.. In contrast to their diet, these kinds of food every day to eat, and eat enough? For example, the average daily 40~75 grams 40~75 grams of fish, livestock and poultry, an egg, a bag of milk, a bean, can high quality protein intake of 40 grams. Therefore, suggestions must be reasonable arrangements for meals, cattle and sheep meat, fish, bean products, milk, eggs and other protein rich foods are best to eat. Second, whether iron deficiency. Anemia, iron deficiency often lead to heme synthesis is affected, thereby reducing the ability to transport oxygen, reduce body heat production. Red meat, blood tofu, animal liver is particularly rich in iron. Lean beef, lean pork, mutton lean red meat can eat every day about one or two, blood tofu can be eaten in moderation, fresh animal liver can eat 2~3 times a month, each half or so, these methods can effectively supplement iron. Third, B vitamin foot deficiency. Vitamin B is an important component of the necessary coenzyme involved in energy metabolism. B vitamins are particularly abundant in meat, whole grains, and fermented foods. Recommended daily average enough to eat 50~150 grams of whole grains, porridge, eat rice grains are a good choice; eat a small amount of fermented foods, such as tofu milk, but because it belongs to a high salt diet, so we must control the amount of bean curd into the dishes have a distinctive taste, pickled tofu fried pork, pickled tofu, pickled tofu dish hollow ribs is the classical approach. Fourth, the water is not enough. Drink plenty of water not only can promote blood circulation, promote urination and sweat, but also conducive to the regulation of body temperature, enhance the body resistance. Recommended a few times)相关的主题文章: