The new terminal opened on the first day of the Shenzhen Shekou passenger bus lines 特命战队go busters

Shenzhen, the new terminal opened on the first day: passenger shuttle bus lines in the free shuttle bus, car long queues. Taxis and private cars were due to impassable roads, only to stop at the periphery of cruise center. Guangzhou daily news (reporter Jiang Cai photo coverage) yesterday morning, the prince’s Bay Cruise Center (Shekou Cruise Center) was officially opened, Shekou passenger terminal passenger business relocation to the new cruise center, but in the future there will be a large cruise ship docked. Enabled on the first day, traffic problems and lack of supporting facilities, public transportation can not approach, resulting in the feeder bus waiting point of long queues, causing public discontent. Slot point 1: transition guidelines imperfect   many people still go to the old ferry terminal 8 yesterday morning 08 points, from the new hair code out of the first boat to Hongkong, marking the Shekou cruise center officially opened, all facilities and equipment all the original Shekou move to the site on the west side of Shekou cruise center. The future, Shekou cruise center will provide transportation service to and from Hongkong, Hongkong, Macao, Zhuhai city airport. November 13th, the cruise center will also open a new cruise travel service experience, so that people realize the dream of traveling around the world cruise by the door. The interior is spacious and bright, much larger than the old docks." Liu said visitors, from the aspects of decoration and comfort, the environment is very good. However, the upgrading of the environment, a variety of transportation facilities have not kept up. Yesterday at 6:50 in the morning, the reporter saw in the original Shekou, in addition to oral notice two on-site security, the original terminal does not have a transition to more than half of the guidance notes, the people are still here to purchase or by boat. At Shekou bus station waiting for the bus to the ferry passengers paiqichanglong. In addition, the taxi also lined up, leading to the original need to retrograde outbound car ferry traffic congestion, on-site staff rushed to the road on their own license, traffic chaos. "For all the people in the field, are in line, the other side of the car can not fall head, ah, no way." Field staff, said to reporters. The reporter then learned from the Shenzhen subway station of the Shekou port, the passenger station on weekdays for about ten thousand people a day, about 15 thousand people over the weekend, the subway running interval is 5 to 6 minutes, and the bus connection theory of the interval is 10 minutes, the bus is not enough. Shekou Port Station staff recommended an increase of vehicles, also remind passengers must set aside half an hour travel time. Slot point 2: shuttle bus 10 minutes       the new terminal row of 200 meters long take the free bus to the station, the reporter saw along the way, the old ferry and cruise center about one kilometer apart, the construction of cruise center is still around, approach road is not perfect, is full of dust and dump truck. From the dock against the dark passengers can only take the shuttle bus to go out, one of the tourists to Australia can not find the place to take a taxi, the staff said that the taxi can not enter, need to beat the old pier. The last century in 80s came to Shenzhen, Mr. Wang said, 3相关的主题文章: