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"Red February" Zhang Yixing wearing a watch history: low-key childe Sohu – "red February" Zhang Yixing wearing a watch history: a low-key childe this summer to say the most popular drama, the "old nine door" is sure to. Many of the details inside the inventory, although a lot of implanted watch brand advertising, but not random arrangements, but remarkable, such as the first set of small Wu Xiedai’s watch, we can see that this is the watch? Recognize sharp eyed netizens this is a panerai. Is Italy’s world famous watches, has been founded 150 years of history, to make the military started, a retro flavor, other 13 full, online price is generally in the 20 thousand start, quite conforms to the antique shop boss Wu character set. A person’s taste is easy to see from wearing the watch, the US introduced a "Buddha" William Chan wearing a watch history article aroused heated discussion users, return to the topic, today we look at the "red February" Zhang Yixing children wear what watch. "Zhang Yixing" inside the old nine door to the other corner of the stunning debut, but in our life, putting more love in Western dress and leather shoes dress. On many occasions, Zhang Yixing always handsome image and cutting-edge style of concern. At a party, dressed in elegant dress Zhang Yixing with little to CHAUMET Abeille and CHAUMET Dandy collocation Brooch watch, dynamic and smart show French accent style. Speaking of CHAUMET Dandy watch, in the Chinese market may not very high visibility, but in foreign countries but lots of. After two centuries of passing the torch, CHAUMET is still the United States and Paris began to become a model of "hidden top luxury, has a star of love. Chaumet Dandy series first released in 2003, the series shows elegance and charm of the attitude and spirit. Zhang Yixing wearing this watch is priced at more than 80 thousand Hong Kong dollars, but it is difficult to buy in the country. In addition to the French romantic love, "Zhong of Italy grace also has a special liking. Recently, Rome’s first luxury brand Fendi watches jewelry boutique opened in Changsha. The popular idol Zhang Yixing Fendi in 2016 winter series, Fendi Bugs series to wear Momento for Fendi Changsha New Watch Jewelry Boutique Opening ribbon. Fendi was founded in 1925 in Italy classical luxury brands, including main furs, leather products, shoes, perfume, glasses, watches and accessories. In 80s, Fendi entered the watchmaking industry, all watches are made in Switzerland, Italy and Switzerland taste perfect fusion process, attention to the material and color rich, and putting in smart clothes childe temperament hit it off, presumably Fendi selected Zhang Yixing, also took a fancy to his temperament. It is a good horse with a good saddle, high value to dress with good natural color, from Zhang Yixing’s habit of wearing a watch, he seems to love more low-key and the connotation of luxury watches, from the many variety shows, we can also see the "master" is also a low-key.相关的主题文章: