Jiang Shuying Dongyu Zhou sent out invitations Lu Xiang please shoulder (video) 姉summer

Jiang Shuying Dongyu Zhou sent out invitations: please some fashionable shoulder dew fragrance, the catch not to hesitate; some style should also be with the seasons, evolution and escalation. Today, to say, small dew shoulder, if you have been in the past summer to perform, might as well in the cool autumn season, to a different interpretation of the upgrade. Mix of charm of autumn is the harvest season, is the time to mix a variety of design elements. Bold attempt, there must be a surprise oh! Anyway, this is a small KK supermodel: Dolce & Gabbana wearing sunglasses +Fendi blue printed word Phnom Penh Jumpsuit +Tom Ford shoulder black tassel Bucket Bag + blue and white Adidas Originals Campus sports shoes, cool and unrestrained feelings, really can let people aftertaste for a long time. Free and easy charm, and autumn with oh! Do not believe? Please look down. Rihanna Versace Ve2161 Jacquemus wearing sunglasses + Medusa blue and white lotus sleeves Strapless tops ripped jeans + +Rene Caovilla champagne pointed shoes, wear neat woman aura. Strapless over, is to shake up the sleeves! Small dew shoulders as pretty regardless of the body is black or black and white color, fully grasp the single material and tailoring of the premise, only small dew shoulder, can highlight the beautiful. The film "fifty degrees of gray" female Dakota Johnson attended the United Nations activities in Losangeles, a black steady and small dew shoulder sexy combination, the atmosphere and charm. Milan fashion week 2017: bubble half sleeve modern interpretation of Gong Tingjiang highlights the other Strapless Shuying cool, people can not help but see. As Dongyu Zhou attended the Spy Drama "sparrow" fixed gear conference style: Miu Miu 2016 early autumn series of black seal stitching word shoulder motorcycle jacket + white ride +Miu Miu Black Leather Skirt – bones revealed the girl being smart, impressive. In the summer of fear is not cool you fine long scarf, finally can also Olivia Palermo as New York socialite with white shirt + jeans shoulder word collocation, the interpretation of modern leisure style. Don’t forget the band this past summer, fully tried suspender skirt and pants you might feel good, this trend is continuing in this winter. Irene Kim in the New York fashion week 2016 + wear Strapless strap deduction method, and the white shoe is a combination of on board. The stripe and the wide leg braces also elegant style combination, valiant and heroic in bearing. A shoulder of the minimalist beauty when minimalism dress and other word shoulder meet, simple and elegant feel relaxed in the bag. Baby mom can also be the United States and the United states! For example, when Chrissy Teigen and her husband go out to date, L’Agence Cynthia white word shoulder coat + ginger pants +Gianvito Rossi Portofino nude color with a pair of high-heeled shoes out of the street, elegant woman, full of charm. Autumn sun, Rita Ora to Helless?相关的主题文章: