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Wei Wang M50F "quality leading high-end" [free] and happiness before the Almighty positioning in the high-end MPV M50F, Beiqi Wei Wang Xuan pre price 67 thousand and 800 yuan. A news release by the response is excellent, not only by the consumers great recognition and praise, in the MPV market is a potential spoiler and redefine the benchmark. It is reported that the new car will be officially listed in November Guangzhou International Auto show. At the same time, recently andcast Beiqi Wei Wang a blockbuster: the top 10000 Car Buying users will get happiness and lifelong welfare [free]! Then, the user can enjoy the purchase of new "maintenance free single []" and "[single] maintenance free" double free benefits, well intentioned. At the beginning of November, Beiqi Wei Wang M50F Tianmu Lake drive experience tour is also ended. During the test, M50F Wei Wang clutter, let the user feel the strength of its products. After the activity, everyone is full of praise of Wei Wang M50F, call. At present, from the Wei Wang M50F texture and attitude, a dark horse and ushered in a Chinese MPV market! Double free value million services! Want to be so self willed? There is a saying: a car is difficult, more difficult to keep a car. The cost of keeping a car high let consumers start up in Car Buying ago very careful in reckoning, but at the cost of keeping a car, in addition to the basic fixed cost of oil, parking fees and other expenses, maintenance expenses and most as one of the "hazy" cost. It is particularly worth mentioning is that winwon M50F in addition to the continuation of the consistent high price approach Beiqi Wei Wang, the official will also launch let consumers Carnival customer service policy – "happy and free []". It is reported that the activities now for the national open, as of December 31, 2016, the top 10000 Car Buying users can enjoy "lifelong warranty, five years free maintenance" (the final interpretation of all Beiqi Wei Wang). This means that the top 10000 purchased Weiwang M50F users friends, under appropriate conditions, the product quality problems encountered will be free lifetime warranty, and within five years will also receive 12 free maintenance, users can be assured of high quality of life without friends worry experience brought by M50F Wei wang. Objectively speaking, lifelong and free maintenance exemption is still the sensitive factors of automobile customer service. For the same competing goods 1.5L models, the cost of each small maintenance needs 227 yuan, the total cost of maintenance required to travel after 60000 km is $2192. Then, the "happiness [] and free" Wei Wang M50F, the customer service service can be described under the foot of the capital, but also highlights the brand of self confidence quality prestige. Presumably M50F with "service policy Weiwang happiness [] and free", is expected to form the one and only MPV market competitive advantage, after all, free lifetime warranty, not every brand can have courage! The reputation of users "bursting"! Don’t be so straightforward? According to Wei Wang M50F, Beiqi Wei Wang brand is also invited users and media friends join the test team in Tianmu Lake, launched a free leisure trip test. During the period of everyone for superb technology and excellent quality is also well on M50F frequently praised, applauded again and again. From charge.相关的主题文章: