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The Champions League recommended: Russia Tottenham looked very Sohu – game time: 2016. 09.28          Wednesday   02:45: 0.84    asian handicap CSKA Moscow             0.25        Tottenham   1.02 European index: 2.78      3.20    & nbsp; 2.25; match Preview: UEFA Cup group match of the second round of Passion Week staged, the Russian economic downturn in recent years has led them to his strength greatly reduced, the season in the central army as an example, they may leave he voted for the sand shooter team effect large. The attacking force fell apart, the title index has not been optimistic about the outside world. Since the start the League unbeaten, but winning is just over 60%, this data clearly failed to meet the rigid index of giants. Fortunately, the first group phase they can get 1 points in Leverkusen, in Germany retreats have been quite good results. Tottenham, they continued the traditional stable last season. As the season progressed, the team performed well. Recently, the league they beat Sunderland, British Cup victory over Gillingham, Middlesbrough away last week and the swallow. The team in the multi line operations to produce a satisfactory answer. Although the striker Charlie. Kane absent because of injury, but the South Korean king Sun Xingmin recently fiery state or make Kane Qiuxia Charlie. The visit of the Russian Tottenham win. Although the central army pursued the handicap expensive for the Russian super class bully, but the Gambling company is currently a ruthless, Tottenham made 0.25 uniform so that the disc, having to maintain high water operation. Tottenham win confidence data support, European customer wins with Asia plate level is also very consistent, the author thinks that the guest Tottenham should be able to see the high line. Half the recommendation: negative, negative, the outcome score recommended: 1:2, 1:3 Beijing single field did not let the ball, SMG recommended: 0 let the ball Shengping Fu CSKA Moscow (-1) recommended: 10 ball, SMG football did not get the ball, recommended: 0 欧冠推荐:远征俄罗斯 热刺显得胸有成竹-搜狐  比赛时间: 2016. 09.28    星期三    02:45   亚洲盘口: 0.84    莫斯科中央陆军    + 0.25    热刺    1.02   欧洲指数: 2.78    3.20    2.25   赛事前瞻:   欧冠杯小组赛第二轮周中激情上演,俄超近年经济不景气,导致他们引援力度大大下降,本赛季以中央陆军为例,他们射手梅沙离队他投对于球队影响较大。球队攻击力有所下滑之余,争冠指数方面也不被外界看好。联赛开局至今保持不败,但胜率仅仅是过六成多,这样的数据显然未能达到豪门硬性指标。幸好首轮小组赛他们能够在勒沃库森身上拿到1分,在德国全身而退已经算不错战果。热刺方面,他们延续了上赛季稳定传统。随着赛季的深入,球队演出渐入佳境。最近联赛他们击败桑德兰,英联杯大胜吉林汉姆,上周又客场吞下米堡。球队在多线作战交出令人满意的答卷。虽然射手夏利.凯恩因伤缺席,但韩国天王孙兴民近期火热状态或许令夏利.凯恩安心养伤。此番走访俄罗斯热刺志在必得。   盘口追击   虽然中央陆军贵为俄超班霸,但博彩公司却一点也不留情面,现时作客的热刺做出0.25统一让盘,后市维持高水运作。热刺客胜信心得到数据支持,欧洲客胜与亚盘水位也极为吻合,笔者认为作客的热刺应该可以看高一线。   半全场推荐: 平 负, 负 负, 胜 负   比分推荐: 1:2, 1:3   北京单场没有让球,推荐:0   竞彩让球胜平负莫斯科中央陆军(-1)球,推荐:1 0   竞彩足球没有让球,推荐:0相关的主题文章: