58 quality bonsai pots bonsai’s auction turnover of 490 thousand yuan tinyos

58 quality bonsai pots bonsai’s auction turnover of 490 thousand yuan 29, sponsored by the China branch of the association of flowers bonsai bonsai Boutique Auction will be held in Rugao International Horticultural city China, 58 pot and 20 pots of bonsai boutique price small bonsai no reserve auction site. It is reported that the auction commissioned a professional auction companies, auction are selected from the national bonsai trading conference of all participating works, from all over the country, of which the city has more than and 20 pots of bonsai boutique exhibition. In the auction stage, a piece of green, green shapes of bonsai auction attracted many visitors stop to appreciate the unique beauty, also let people praise. Auction site, exquisite bonsai is favored by the various bonsai enthusiasts. Finally, the hammer price 3257000 yuan, turnover rate of 47%, of which Rugao bonsai "’s" shoot the highest price of 490 thousand yuan. The reporter interviewed several of the bonsai lovers, their evaluation of the auction are very high. "Time" bidders Zhang Xiaojian said: "I took the Podocarpaceae, in the country are very famous. Before the auction, I’m sure I’m going to take this bonsai. The bonsai tree age has been 100 years, plus other good-looking, very valuable." Forestry Station Xue Weidong said, before the bonsai art festival, bonsai is mostly used for display, awards, the auction will increase this link, is to make the Rugao bonsai to the market, into the homes of ordinary people, to guide the development of bonsai industry. (reporter Wu Qingqing) source: Rugao Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China News Network相关的主题文章: