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Depend on others to rely on oneself! South Korea E-sports Association: limit players into China – Sina hero alliance zone league season move has been kicked off, after S4 S5, the two season, the Korean aid boom has gradually receded. The day before, the salary of a Korean media player in South Korea occupation were analyzed according to their analysis, LCK do not want local players lost too serious, after all, the cultivation of a player is really quite easy. "South Korea said in a circle, SKT is not only Faker, Bang, Wolf etc. most of them are a player, they will win because of the possibility of asking for a raise is very high, all in Faker who is also very difficult. Faker if not satisfied with SKT’s annual salary proposal, is unlikely to stay in SKT. Although last year chose to have the ability to continue to win the SKT, but now has created a record three times the world finals champion, may also want to try other challenges. South Korea insiders broke the news, now more than Faker, reputation to make more money." In fact, we have the obvious to people Faker at the beginning of the heart, from S3 to now more than four years, he jumped in value S5 Faker season did not choose to stay in South Korea, and the salary and although not Chinese compared but it seems easier to get a point of honor, there is no doubt that the. On the other hand, Samsung and ROX in this season’s performance is particularly impressive, as at the time of Marin and Easyhoon, had Chinese corps of these players ready to, however poor performance of the LPL in the past two years may become a stumbling block to the players determined, to score or to choose their interests is difficult in the face of the. ROX Tiger SKT insiders said that South Korea and China can not give the players a lot of annual salary, so the class a player to be careful to be taken away from the situation is not a minority. Moreover, the contract time is based on 1 years as a unit, such things happen again and again every year, is not conducive to the development of the LOL League, the need to establish appropriate countermeasures. In fact, South Korea and China e-SpoRTS Association in order to prevent the players in the region between the blind transfer, will soon be issued a visa must be able to participate in the formal program of the two countries. South Korea e-Sports Association chief also showed that this year, South Korea will not be a large number of players into China, but such as Faker players can not be blocked, will pay close attention to its trends. On the Korean players regional mobile content published in the near future."   the players worth, go up with their good play, but we can see that the Korean aid affects not only LPL. LCK also because of his country and the loss of talent has a sense of crisis, after all players training is not an easy thing, even if there is a complete system and management mode, still need time, while South Korea is more like to cultivate good athletes to each division to make money, they also for myself the division concerned. So lost a lot of Han aid LPL.相关的主题文章: