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UnCategorized Many companies have run into situations where they had product packaged and ready to ship, but then had to delay shipment at the customer’s request or for some similar reason. In these situations, the business is usually not equipped to be storing packaged or palletized products. They might then wonder if their Miami delivery service could store the goods for them. After all, they will be the ones shipping it as soon as the customer gives the go ahead. Thankfully, there are some Miami delivery services that offer this added-value service. While still not ubiquitous in the industry, more and more delivery services are trying to offer this service whenever possible. Some may offer only short term storage, while others may include long term storage as well. There are many times when having extra, on demand storage space would be a boon to a business, whether small or large. You will find that most of the couriers offering this service will be the larger ones. If you have an existing relationship with a smaller courier, and you are a high volume client, you can ask that they provide this service for an additional fee. For the majority of smaller couriers, however, that aren’t handling huge volumes of product deliveries, offering this service just isn’t cost effective. As with any business decision, you will want to shop around for a Miami delivery service that can offer the type of storage that you need. With such a huge number of couriers in the Miami area to choose from, there is bound to be a huge disparity in their prices, and in what type of storage they offer. You’ll have plenty of couriers to choose from, who would love to have your business. However, you’ll have to be careful and practice due diligence as well, since any time there is money to be made, there are bound to be services that are out to rip you off. When shopping around, don’t just look at price, though. Some Miami delivery services will charge more depending on the size or shape of the object to be stored. Of course, they will also have different rates for the amount of time that you commit to store the item, with long term storage usually being cheaper. Also, make sure and inspect their storage facilities. There are some "fly by night" companies who offer storage services for a very low price, but the storage is in a moldy, leaky shed, where your product will not be safe from the elements or from theft. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: