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UnCategorized You can pretty much discard everything you’ve ever heard about speed reading techniques. That goes double for speed reading courses and speed reading software too. Have you ever wanted to learn how to speed read? If you have then you probably already know that speed reading courses just don’t work. From personal experience, speed reading courses are expensive, time consuming and are flat out just really confusing. The average person can spend upwards of two hundred dollars on the latest and greatest speed reading course. They can spend sometimes months studying and practicing the speed reading tips and techniques these courses teach and in the end, their reading speed has not improved one bit. And remember, the most important aspect of learning to read more quickly is to do so without sacrificing reading .prehension. After all, what good is learning how to speed read if, by the end of a page, you can’t remember what you’ve just read? Furthermore, and most importantly, people today lead busy lives. Who has the time to spend endless hours studying and practicing speed reading strategies? There’s got to be a better way. There has to be a painless and efficient way to absorb more reading material in a shorter amount of time. One strategy for boosting reading speed is to read backwards. Instead of only reading lines of text from left to right, read every other line from right to left. Yeah, sure, like that would ever work. How in the world is somebody supposed to read backwards and understand what they’re reading? It’s impossible. Or is it? What if it were possible to read every other line of text backwards and actually understand it? Can you imagine how much faster you’d be able to read if your eye were able to read down a page in a zigzag pattern? Great news, it can now be done. A recently introduced publishing model enables you to scan down a page in zigzag pattern. This publishing model formats the text in such a way that every line you read backwards makes just as much sense as the lines you read forwards. The result of reading a book formatted using this publishing model is an instant boost in reading speed with no loss of reading .prehension. And you will find this method of reading is especially useful when reading on a .puter screen. Let’s face it; eBooks are rapidly the majority way in which we consume reading material. With the click of a mouse we can bring millions of books onto our .puter screen. The downside is, reading on a .puter screen is a much different experience than reading a printed book. Sitting in front of a .puter reading an eBook is a far more "business oriented" task. Reading an eBook in a zigzag pattern will not only, at minimum, double your reading speed but it also makes on screen reading a far more pleasurable experience. The internet today delivers to us an in.prehensible amount of reading material. On the flip side our busy lives leave us less and less time to actually read. Thanks to this modern publishing innovation, a book that would normally take you 60 minutes to read can now be read in half that time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: