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UnCategorized For this overview, I will just address the .ponents of professional video production. This usually happens in three main phases; Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production. Here is an overview of each. The pre-production process is where all the planning and preparation gets done. This is where you have a main concept and begin to bring it to life. It starts with an outline of the story or brief which is then is developed into a treatment and then a script. This is usually a long process with many tweaks and revisions. Once the script is .plete, the production team .es to action and begins planning. In the next part of the process, storyboards are created, actors are cast and a shooting script is developed. Once these tasks are .plete a shooting script is developed and the production team begins to plan for and schedule the shoot. The second phase is called Production. This is where the film or video is actually shot and the story .es to life. Usually the story is not shot chronologically but in a way that makes the most logistical sense. This is usually a very time consuming process and will take weeks and sometimes months to get it all done. Once it’s .plete we move into video editing and post production. In post production the video editor begins to take all the video or film that was shot and make it into a story. He begins by taking each of the movie clips and picking the best shots. These are the ones that will be assembled into in the final movie. Depending on the amount of footage shot, editing can take weeks or months to .plete. The first pass is called a rough edit and many revisions will happen before the movie is ready. Once the editing is .plete, they begin to sweeten it by adding music and special effects that bring the production to life. This is also where titles go in and the final touches are put into the movie. This overview is meant to give you an idea of what happens in the real production world. When we make our own video production, we will use some of the same steps that filmmakers have used for years. Also, since we typically have smaller crews, we will skip a few steps to make things flow. I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief look at the professional video production process. Now let’s get ready to make our own. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: