The Sinusitis Flying Dilemma Solved-乃々果花

Health Are you trying to decide whether you should take that airline flight with your sinus problems? Acute infectious sinusitis might keep you on the ground. But certain remedies may get you in the air if you have chronic sinusitis flying concerns. If your sinusitis flying problem stems from a recent onset of sinus infection, then consider yourself grounded. Most doctors would advise that you not fly with any kind of infection for two reasons. Number 1 reason: you don’t want to infect other people. With the recirculated air in the airplane cabin, germs get recirculated too spreading infection all around. Number 2 reason: You may experience increased pain in your sinuses and face on takeoff and landing. This pain occurs because the air pressure in the plane is lower than the ground air pressure as the plane rises. If your sinuses are obstructed from the infection, then the air pressure cannot equalize inside your sinuses because the expanding air cannot flow out of your sinuses. The expanding trapped air puts pressure on the walls of your sinuses causing intense pain or headache. Bleeding in your sinuses or nerve damage could occur with high levels of pressure. So, stay out of the air with an acute sinus infection. But don’t let chronic sinusitis keep you out of the air. You can take several steps to make your flight more .fortable. 1. Always ask your doctor if it’s safe for you to fly. 2. Take the usual precautions for staying healthy. Get adequate rest the night before your flight. Sleep 8-9 hours. Drink plenty of fluids the day before and after your flight and during your flight, about six to eight 8-ounce glasses of water per 24 hours. Especially avoid drinking alcohol, soda and dairy products. Keep your immune system healthy. Ingest those healthy organisms found in probiotics for seven days before and after you fly. 3. Take an oral decongestant and possibly an antihistamine one hour before your flight. Depending on how long these medications stay active in your body, you may need to take another dose during and after the flight. Ask your doctor for a prescription or a re.mendation for an over the counter preparation. 4. Since you may be more susceptible to contracting an infection during the flight because of your sinus congestion, consider utilizing some measures to keep germs from taking up residence in your sinuses. Some folks find that taking a silver solution works as a good preventive measure for them. Others find eating fresh garlic three times a day before and after your flight works well. Crush one clove of garlic, cover it with honey and eat heartily. Of course, that remedy may work because no one dares to sit close to you. Eating a sprig of fresh parsley helps absorb the garlic breath and gives you some extra germ defense with its content of vitamin A. Vitamin A helps keep mucus membranes healthy. 5. Keep your nasal and sinus mucus membranes moist during your flight. The dry air inside the jet cabin dries your mucus membranes. Drinking plenty of water will help keep them moist. Also, try these other tricks. Take a bandana with you, moisten it, and then tie it over your nose and mouth. As you inhale, the bandana releases the moisture into your nose and sinuses. Put some more water on it before it dries .pletely. If you would prefer to not look like a bandit, then buy some nasal saline spray at a pharmacy. Spray it into your nostrils several times a day before and after your flight and as often as needed during the flight. Have a pain free and enjoyable flight by utilizing these 5 tips to help deal with sinusitis flying problems. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: