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Business When you use financial education planning, you are helping your child to have a better future. An increasing number of Americans use US savings bonds to save for their childs college education. Normally you are taxed on the in.e that you earn in savings but there is a new scheme out now, where if you cash them under the Education Bond Program, you may not have to pay that interest. The great thing about the Federal Governments Education Bonds Program is that you can claim a deduction on some or all of the interest that is earned on savings bonds. If you want to benefit from this program then there are a number of conditions that you have to fulfill for you or you child to benefit from the program. The bonds have to be either Series 1 bonds or Series EE/E which have been issued since 1990. You have to redeem the bonds in the same year that you incur expenses that qualify for higher education. A person has to be at least twenty four years old on the first of the month that you buy the bonds. Education bonds can be used for your own education or that of your child. If the bonds are used for your child then they have to be registered either in your name or the name of your husband or wife. The child that you buy the educational bonds for may also be listed as a beneficiary, but not listed as co-owner of the bonds. People who plan to use bonds for their own education have to have the bonds registered in their own name. When the bonds are purchased for a child then they have to be in the names of the parents. If you want to have the bonds excluded from your tax deductions then you have to make a claim for it. The government introduced education bonds to help people plan their childs educational future. You have to have certain in.e requirements in order to make a claim for excluding the interest payments. The level of in.e that you have will determine whether or not you are eligible to make the claim and you need to read the documentation to make sure at what level you cease to qualify for the exclusion. When you use bonds to plan for your childs further education, then the college, university or vocational institution you choose also has to be eligible to take part in the program, which is administered by the US Department of Education. Your eligibility for exclusion will be reduced by the amount of any scholarship or employer paid education assistance you receive. You can only purchase bonds up to the value of thirty thousand dollars in any one year, although you dont have to disclose whether or not you are using them for education at the time you purchase them. When you meet all the criteria then US savings bonds are a cost effective way of helping you to plan your childs education so that they can enjoy best possible future. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: