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Holidays You often ask yourself on Monday mornings, why do some people look fresh and cheerful? Why do they have a rhythm in their walk and a broad smile on their face that makes them so endearing to everyone and also makes their work very easy, while others do not? Well, the secret to happy Monday mornings is a relaxed, rejuvenating and refreshing weekend. And many Brit folks have confided that they owe a lot to self catering cottages in beautiful locations in UK for such wonderful weekends. The popularity of these weekend special self catering cottages is rising in UK. The reasons for their increasing popularity are many. One of them is the beautiful locations with mesmerizing surroundings that these cottages are built in. There are many options to choose from when it .es to location for cottages. You can opt for the sea side cottages, where the waves would .e rushing with excitement to greet you. Or you can choose a hill side cottage, where the valleys open their arms to hug you with joy. You can get self catering cottages in nearly all kind of locations. And not just locations, you have a choice with the kind of cottage you are looking for. Some cottages allow one pet, some more than one and some none at all. So you have the option to bring along your pooch or your little kitty along. Some of the cottages do offer bed and breakfast, while some dont. You also have a choice here, however most of the visitors do opt for the bed and breakfast system, more because they just love to dig into the fresh produce of the local farms. Self catering cottages also mean a huge reduction in the expenditure of staying outside home. Usually hotels and guest houses are quite costly. But self catering cottages .e at a cheaper rate, another reason to be happy on Monday morning. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: