9 pieces of Juhuasuan with 9 bags of mail are gone. Now they want to play plants war

9 9 shipping Juhuasuan has gone now so they want to play Juhuasuan general manager Liu Bo Zhang Jun said of sina and Juhuasuan, many senior hand chop party may not be familiar with, once the 9 pieces of 9 bags of mail for many buyers is crazy. However, Juhuasuan may now have the impression that you are very different, and this is also the general manager of Juhuasuan Liu Bo (flower famous Luo) recently stressed to the outside world. In September 9th, Juhuasuan has 11 double version called 99 Star Festival Officially opened. Not only attracted Longines, Armani and many other domestic and international famous light luxury participation is played live, VR shopping guide, content innovation. Recently, Liu Bo accepted the interview of sina technology, expounds the ideas and ways of the pagoda festival. The news release from the pagoda Festival and Liu Bo in an interview in the description, Juhuasuan positioning, operation idea actually has its first mode have many changes. In positioning, Juhuasuan has shifted from big sales lead consumption, promote consumer upgrades. In the core value, pay more attention to brand and marketing. For businesses, Juhuasuan focuses on the brand marketing aspects, through a series of marketing tools and new ways of enabling businesses, enhance the brand value; and for consumers, it is not simply to buy goods, to participate in a variety of innovative gameplay, enhance the interactive and interesting. Positioning: from the low price to lead the consumption in 2010, Juhuasuan to buy mode was established, and in 2011 split independent operations. The spin off its trading volume has exceeded 10 billion yuan. However, Juhuasuan has been pulled as a platform for sales, to bring the impression of the outside world is only stay in the low price promotions. By 2016, Liu Bo will be the focus of the three boils down to the battle of the world: the end of the consumer to do the real consumption upgrade, the ultimate service, the real ability to give businesses. In Liu Bo view, the electricity supplier competition is becoming more and more intense, with a simple price competition is still stuck in the 1 era. Really want to achieve a competitive advantage is the need to truly lead consumers, promote consumer upgrades. In the past, Juhuasuan stressed that the ultimate price, but now can not simply say that Juhuasuan’s products are cheap, Chinese consumers will cause a lot of misunderstanding of cheap." According to Liu Bo revealed that the current customer price of Juhuasuan wireless end is about 200 yuan, PC end of about $300, and this year Juhuasuan hopes to continue to enhance the customer price, increase the category, deepen the depth of user purchase. Whether it is the consumer or the industry, has been unable to simply understand the platform from Juhuasuan 3 words to understand the literal. Everyone for the understanding of the name, has been a little different from the platform to do the same." Liu Bo said. Core value: brand and marketing and positioning corresponding to the transformation of Juhuasuan’s focus on the business has also changed from only a large volume of trading volume, brand value and consumer operations. Liu Bo said, Tmall has set up the concept of GSK this year, which is a group of super large customers, these super large customers are global, category wide, large scale, so to use new ideas to serve them..相关的主题文章: