A crab caused myocarditis 21 year old girl died when treating gastroenteritis error tom365.com

A crab caused myocarditis 21 year old girl died in Hankou for gastroenteritis mistaken as a 21 year old girl Liu Han (a pseudonym) suffering from myocarditis, but that is acute gastroenteritis, the results missed the best treatment period, young life so far away. It is reported that, when the 120 doctor arrived, immediately on the breathing and heartbeat has arrest of Liu Han cardiopulmonary resuscitation and defibrillation rescue, and sent to the nearby hospital of Hankou. However, due to serious damage to the heart, brain and other important organs, her heart has not been able to restore the beating, sorry to leave, so that their loved ones suffer. According to his family, Liu Han before dinner to eat a meal of crabs, yesterday appeared chest discomfort, accompanied by dizziness and vomiting and other gastrointestinal symptoms, she thought it was gastroenteritis, will go to the community clinic. A series of treatment of anti inflammation and protecting the stomach. But, after treatment, she did not feel better, go home to rest. The unfortunate thing happened two hours later, when her sudden cardiac arrest, in the past, the family to call the 120 emergency call, but failed to save her life. According to the Hankou hospital emergency department director Wang Qiongya introduction, Liu Han’s ECG showed acute injury, myocardial enzyme value far beyond the normal level, suggesting severe myocardial injury, which is the main reason of her disease and eventually lose their life.相关的主题文章: