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A Hefei investment company " " camouflage; about 22000000 according to the market mechanism into the baby Quanqian Star reported, on the surface is a baby, is actually "investment company". What kind of business does this company do? More than 100 employees through QQ, WeChat to find the target, to "fried fuel oil, silver, copper" earned a gimmick as a gimmick, defrauding 106 people about 22000000 yuan investment. In October 8th, the market star, Anhui financial network reporter was informed that the Hefei police destroyed the hidden in the city of Hefei Yaohai District, Luyang District, a number of telecommunications network fraud dens, one will be 223 members of the telecommunications network fraud arrested. At present, Hefei prosecutors have approved the arrest of Xu Moumou led the 20 backbone. Time: March 26th to August 16th location: Hefei specific: on the Internet a "teacher" persuasion and recommendation, opening Shandong Ma poly win Internet Technology Co. Ltd. in Anhui, "Sichuan Sichuan trading platform". The instructor told it that it was engaged in fuel oil futures, with considerable revenue. A one-time investment of 100 thousand yuan Ma, ten days to nothing. Afterwards, Mr. Ma came to Hefei to call the police. Yaohai District Public Security Bureau police inquiries found that Anhui poly win Internet Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Linquan Road near a building four building. Then, for a few days, investigators into the company registered address, but found no "Anhui poly win Internet Technology Co. Ltd., only found a company called" Oriental love infant education institutions. Disguised police in order to consult the name of early childhood education, it is difficult to enter the company. After entering the company, the investigators did not see the kindergarten teacher, also did not see children and their parents, but found that the whole floor is about 140 to 150 people, can chat with people on the computer, or on the phone. At the same time, through the network security police patrol found on the Internet, in addition to Qingdao, Mr. Ma, there are a few users and have the same experience, but also mentioned that Anhui poly win Internet technology co.. After more than half a month of investigation, investigators concluded that Anhui poly win Internet Technology Co., Ltd. suspected fraud. The investigation found that the Anhui poly win Internet Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in December 2015, is closely related to the Anhui property investment limited company of seed of more than a dozen companies, but these companies change from time to time. It is understood that Xu Moumou and other companies established by the legal representative of all companies are replaced by the name of employees. Anhui poly win Internet Technology Co. Ltd. on the surface of the legal representative Liu Moumou (male, 22 years old, Anyang City, Henan province), in fact the company but in Xu Moumou (male, 31 years old, Anhui province Wangjiang county) et al. In August 16th, 9 Xu, the police will Xu Moumou, Wang Moumou, Yi Moumou and other 223 members of the control. These people explained that the so-called "fried fuel oil, silver, copper" futures, in fact, does not exist. The investigation, from 2016 3 to 8 26 April June 16, 4 months, Anhui poly win Internet Technology Co. defrauding investors 106 2200 million yuan

合肥一投资公司"伪装"成婴儿机构 圈钱2200多万   据市场星报报道,表面上是一家婴儿机构,实际是“投资公司”。这公司到底从事什么业务呢?100多名员工通过QQ、微信寻找目标,以“炒燃料油、白银、铜”大赚了一笔为噱头,骗取106人2200多万元投资款。10月8日,市场星报、安徽财经网记者获悉,合肥警方打掉隐藏在合肥市瑶海区、庐阳区的多个电信网络诈骗窝点,一举将该电信网络诈骗223名成员抓获。目前,合肥检方已批准逮捕以徐某某为首的20名骨干。   时间:3月26日至8月16日   地点:合肥   具体:在网络上一名“指导老师”的说服与推荐下,山东人马先生在安徽聚赢互联网科技有限公司的“四川川商交易平台”上开户。“指导老师”告知其这是从事燃料油期货交易,收益可观。一次性投资10万元的马先生,十几天时间亏得分文不剩。事后,马先生来到合肥报警。   辖区瑶海公安分局的民警经查询得知,安徽聚赢互联网科技有限公司位于临泉路附近某大厦的四楼。此后,一连几天,侦查员潜入到该公司所注册的地址,却没发现“安徽聚赢互联网科技有限公司”,只发现一家名为“东方爱婴幼儿教育”的机构。   乔装民警以咨询幼儿教育为名,好不容易才进入该公司内。进入公司后,侦查员既没有看到幼儿教师,也没有看到有幼儿和幼儿家长,却发现整层楼大约有140至150人,都在电脑上与人聊天,要不就在拨打电话。与此同时,通过网安民警在网上巡查发现,除了青岛的马先生外,还有几位网民与其有着同样的经历,而且都提及安徽聚赢互联网科技有限公司。   经过半个多月侦查,侦查员断定安徽聚赢互联网科技有限公司涉嫌诈骗。侦查发现,安徽聚赢互联网科技有限公司成立于2015年12月,与之相关联的有安徽财籽投资有限公司等十几家公司,而且这些公司的地址不时变迁。   据了解,徐某某等人成立的一个个公司的法人代表全是用员工名义替代。安徽聚赢互联网科技有限公司表面上看法人代表是刘某某(男,22岁,河南省安阳市人),实际上该公司却操纵在徐某某(男,31岁,安徽省望江县人)等人手中。   8月16日9时许,警方将徐某某、王某某、易某某等223名成员一一控制。这些人交代,所谓 “炒燃料油、白银、铜”期货,实际上根本不存在。经查,自2016年3月26日至8月16日,4个多月时间,安徽聚赢互联网科技有限公司共骗取106名投资人2200余万元。   星哥点评:存在即合理。星哥这么说会不会招打?如果大家都踏踏实实挣钱,不相信天上能掉馅饼,懂得多大的收益就意味着多大的风险,骗子哪有立足之地呢?▋合公新 记者 王玮伟相关的主题文章: