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A married man to retain his girlfriend made aircraft bomb – Sohu news information times for Zhu man to retain his girlfriend, call the airport police station alarm call, make up false terrorist information terrorists carrying bombs in Guangzhou flights to Chongqing, got him into prison. Recently, Baiyun district court verdict, Zhu guilty of the crime of fabricating terrorist information, sentenced to 6 months in prison, the court said the service contract. According to the court, Zhu and Hemou Department of male and female friends relationship. What a woman at the beginning of March this year that Zhu has a wife and children, and then break up, also refused to meet with zhu. In July 13, 2016, Zhu Hemou that at Baiyun Airport to fly from Guangzhou to Chongqing, to retain the MOU, Zhu alarm call police station call the airport police station terminal area, where a flight that the terrorists to carry bombs. Airport Operations Command Center received the public security bulletin at 23:25 a bomb on the flight after the start, emergency disposal, fire trucks and guard the scene during the re examination of all flights passengers, baggage and cargo, cabin, in danger after the release of the next day at 1:45 in the morning to pick up. During the trial, Zhu confessed to his crime, said in court for his lament the doings. The court held that Zhu fabricated terrorist threat information explosion, seriously disrupting the social order, and its behavior has constituted the crime of fabricating false terrorist information. In view of their crime surrendered and truthfully confessed crimes, the Department of surrender, be given a lighter punishment. Accordingly, the court verdict, sentenced Zhu imprisonment for 6 months.相关的主题文章: