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A winner also scolded Fan Bingbing’s acting Lu Ye so difficult? [Abstract] Fan Bingbing to turn the hearts of everyone "blanket star" impression of how difficult it is? Eight I know miss you, is the most understand the female children’s entertainment! Little attention to the understanding of WeChat entdong get more gossip information. Recently, Fan Bingbing stood again in the entertainment circle in the teeth of the storm. But this time not because of the red carpet, romance, income and gossip, but because she starred in the movie "I am not Pan Jinlian" won the Spanish San Sebastian silver shell award, she also topped the class a International Film Festival Best Actress throne. For this award, Fan Bingbing attaches great importance to a number of bursts of micro-blog to thank friends and staff for Fan Bingbing after this matter, netizens are Public opinions are divergent. Supportive friends said, Fan Bingbing’s award-winning hit those who say she is a vase face. However, as a group of mock objects at the same time in the award, there are many netizens expressed doubts that Fan Bingbing, the actress is how much water, and before the Li Yifeng AB prize is a prize for the properties of silver shell components in the end multiple? Objectively speaking, the St. Sebastian International Film Festival, although not as famous as Cannes, Oscar, but it is also an international certification class a film awards, the industry’s evaluation is also good. In the award-winning film festival director Hitchcock, including the Cohen brothers. Won the award winner in the history of domestic peace, 22 years later, Fan Bingbing became the second award-winning actress Chinese. In addition, Xu Jinglei, Cao Baoping, Yang, Lu Chuan, also won the best director award winning works are basically legendary. Thus, the Spanish San Sebastian International Film Festival is not the so-called pheasant award, gold award is much higher than the stream, so take Fan Bingbing and Li Yifeng AB par, which is not fair. Let’s look at the Fan Bingbing prize this year, domestic director Jia Zhangke jury, Danish director Billy · Auguste, the representative of the "Conqueror" Belle won the Oscar for best foreign language film, "black swan" photography Leigh Bartik, this lineup is the international standard, is not casually voting public review. In addition, competition is also very important, the main competition finalists and Hong sangsoo, Beckett and other international well-known director, Mr. Shinkai, "I am not Pan Jinlian" can win the prize is worth deus ex, congratulations. Fan Bingbing plays the role of an underprivileged women in the "I am not Pan Jinlian", not ugly, she could see the filming of the drama has its own ambitions for the actor in the title is to get rid of the vase. Although the film has not been released, but the fragments from the trailer, the role of Fan Bingbing and the previous screen image is a contrast, her performance is qualified, one of the two major American entertainment newspaper giant "Hollywood reporter" Fan Bingbing praised the show "is her as a comedy actress". Why did Fan Bingbing get the prize and be scolded? Most of the audience in mind, Fan Bingbing is almost synonymous with bad. She starred in the film especially in recent years, with the majority of commercial films, "white witch", "Dynasty woman &m]相关的主题文章: