After 90 men posing as the boss of the company cheated financial remittances were arrested 570 thous

90 men posing as company manager financial cheat remittance 570 thousand caught the original title: 90 posing as company manager financial cheat remittance 570 thousand China Yulin daily news (reporter Yang Huyuan) the day before, financial personnel in Fugu County, according to Zhao "Mister" instructions to send money, and the boss was found when verifying the "false boss" cheated, immediately report. It turned out that this is more than 90 men in Guangxi after the use of Trojan virus to steal information for telecommunications fraud. In June 16th, a Fugu company financial staff Zhao received "a high" message, let him give the name zoumou account remittance 570 thousand yuan. Zhao not too much doubt, 57 million to zoumou account. However, when he spoke of the remittance with the boss, boss said do not know. Zhao realized that they may encounter telecommunications fraud, immediately to the Fugu County Public Security Bureau reported. After careful analysis, should be a high mobile phone for late boss unknown links in the Trojan virus, mobile phone information by hackers." Fugu County Public Security Bureau police told the China Daily reporter, they investigate the accounts involved, found that the bank account in Hebei, Nangong. Fugu County Public Security Bureau police brigade police immediately rushed to the city of Hebei, Nangong, after investigation, involving funds have been divided into 26 pens in different periods of time to the different accounts of the 19. Due to the question of the right to participate in the two accounts and other issues, they removed Beijing, Hebei, Shijiazhuang and other places to coordinate, the final inquiry that the online banking operations of the two accounts in Guangxi, the city of Nanning. Police investigators rushed to the city of Guangxi, Nanning investigation, through more than a month of investigation, found that the suspect had fled fled to Guangxi County, Binyang. The police immediately went to Guangxi County of Binyang, and on September 18th at 5 pm, the suspect in the prosperous village of Binyang County, Zhao Mouhuang, Zhao Mouhui, Zhao mouhua captured Zhao Mouxiong. After investigation, the suspect Zhao Mouhua (male, Han nationality, born in 1999, Guangxi Nanning people) account of the June 16th implementation of telecommunications fraud, defrauding Fugu man Zhao 570 thousand facts of the crime, and confessed and Zhao Mouhuang (male, Han nationality, born in 1998, Guangxi Nanning people), Zhao Mouhui (male, Han nationality, born in 1995. Guangxi Nanning city people), Zhao Mouxiong (male, Han nationality, born in 1997, Guangxi Nanning people) many times the implementation of telecommunications fraud in Liaobu and the town of Humen town of Guangdong city of Dongguan Province, and the facts of the crime of destruction of evidence. Currently, Zhao Mouhua, who was Fugu County Public Security Bureau criminal detention according to law. Editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: