An Awesome Astral Projection Guide

UnCategorized Many people who are interested in learning the art and science of astral projection are looking for some sort of astral projection guide. That is why I decided to write this article. However, before you read this free astral projection guide, it is important that we first discuss what astral projection really is. So what is astral projection all about? Before attempting to travel in one’s astral body, one must understand that the human consciousness has several different forms, or "vehicles", of traveling. The astral body is one of these vehicles. When we use our astral body to travel our consciousness, we are in essence transferring our consciousness from our physical bodies to our subconscious astral body. This transference is called astral projection. Now that you have a general understanding of what astral projection is, let’s go into the astral projection guide. The Astral Projection Guide Here is a general idea of what one needs to do in order to astral project. – First, you need desire to astral project. I’ve known people who tried to astral project, but they didn’t really have much desire to do so, and therefore failed at trying. With a good amount of desire, though, it is 100 times easier to astral project. – Second, you must get over any fear of leaving your physical body and entering your astral body. If you have any sort of fear whatsoever, it is likely that you will not succeed in projecting. – Third, and one of the big obstacles for many, is concentration. With all the .motion going on in the world around us, it can be quite hard to concentrate when you’d like to. A high level of concentration is required to be able to astral project. If you have trouble concentrating, try staring into the flame of a candle and breathing in and out deeply. This is often the best way of concentrating when there is a lot of .motion around you. – The fourth part of this astral projection guide is relaxation. You need to relax! Find a nice .fortable bed or recliner in which you can gain the greatest level of relaxation and concentration. Breathe deeply in and out and just relax for 5 minutes and let any ideas the flow into your .e and go. Now we’re going to get down to the good part of the astral projection guide. – Fifth, and finally, is separation. After gaining a high level of relaxation and concentration, you need to imagine your astral body leaving your physical body. You will begin to feel vibrations all throughout your body. Let the arms and legs of your astral body lift out of your physical body, then your buttock, chest/back, then head. Let the vibrations continue. You will hear some crazy popping and cracking noises, like an old record player. Now .pletely roll out of your body and watch as you float away into the air. You are free to move around and even watch your physical body from above. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: