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Anhui comprehensive benchmarking Su Zhehu series on   " " tube; Reform — what are the deficiencies of Anhui channel — original title: Anhui comprehensive benchmarking Su Zhehu series on " " tube; reform what are the deficiencies of a government delegation participated in the study and investigation of Comrade Su Zhehu said, in Shanghai District of Pudong city government to cancel the service window veto, front-line staff accepting only to say "Yes" is "No", can not handle matters must clearly explain the administrative reform measures especially impressive. He said with deep feeling, my province took the lead in the implementation of the "two list" in the country, to promote the "tube service" reform, and achieved certain results, but we in the implementation of initiatives put enough and management is not good and service is not good. The gap between the level of government services mainly from the institutional mechanisms of the gap. In recent years, we have also formulated a series of reform initiatives, but there are still some reform measures have not been fully landed, the effect is not ideal, system innovation is not enough, should not fully stimulate the reform effect. To promote the reform, should be problem oriented, the real thing, determined to get rid of institutional obstacles to the establishment of new institutional advantages. Jiangsu Zhejiang Shanghai experience is worth learning, such as the Jiangsu innovative province building "40", "22" Shanghai innovation center, all roads are dry cargo can be landed. The system is fundamental, overall, stable and long-term. Do not get rid of institutional barriers, the creativity is innovation, less bound hands and feet; hard landing, reform cannot take great strides. Because of institutional barriers, some localities and departments "passive" reform, problems have to stumble rushed out countermeasures, lack of foresight and forward-looking, system construction is not systematic and complete, and even fight each other; some localities and departments to advance the reform of the deep water area, and is the reform as a basket of no great importance. To the inside, seemingly moves frequently, actually affects the strong, deep break through the barriers of interest curing reform; some localities and departments to re file and light to promote the reform of the reform landing, "idling" phenomenon is present to some degree. The main responsible comrades of the provincial Party committee made it clear that: we still have a long way to go in the construction of the system, we must strengthen the reform of consciousness, to stimulate the courage to reform, establish a strong sense of reform can not go forward." Now the reform has entered the deep water area, touch the deep-seated institutional mechanisms, must be resolved through the continuous system construction. Resolutely get rid of institutional barriers, firmly establish a strong sense of reform, from passive to active "forced", from "adaptability" reform to "foresight" reform, reform of the real use of key move, institutional mechanisms to build more vitality and efficiency. We want to abuse There’s no making without breaking., zhuangshiduanwan determined to get rid of all kinds of institutional mechanisms, clear the reform and development of a stumbling block on the road to break; to stand, to dare to be the first to break down institutional barriers in spirit, the old at the same time, establish a new scientific system with innovative initiatives, promote the new normal under the new the development of. In short, we must reform awareness, innovation, hard work to raise)相关的主题文章: