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Appreciate the labor bitterness of 30 students changing cleaning aunt is not easy! It’s really not easy! I was sweating all this cold day!" A boy in Wuhan Huaxia Institute of technology is mopping the corridor, so sigh with emotion. Last winter, School of civil engineering and architecture of the school more than 30 students into the 95 after cleaning, let the normally busy hard cleaning member "laid off" rest their battle instead of their work experience, work. Yesterday morning 10:30, in the Huaxia Institute of technology 7 student dormitory on the first floor, civil engineering sophomore Huang Xi is in the corridor mopping the floor. The boy bent the waist, pushed the mop a meter wide hard forward, he said his area of responsibility is the one and three layers corridor, from 8:30 in the morning until now, has dragged on for three times. "These jobs look easy, but it’s hard to do it well." Zhang Miaomiao, the sophomore of civil engineering major in this school, said. "They are all college students, we can think in the cold, so let us move, but also really roll up their sleeves to flush the toilet, mopping the floor." Cleaner Zhu master told reporters, these children are very smart, a teaching will, and special respect for them. According to the activities of the planner, the school of civil engineering and architecture, Yang Zhicai teacher introduced that the weather is cold, the student dormitory cleaning work is very heavy. To initiate this activity, is to promote the students respect labor and laborers, and to communicate with the ordinary workers, promote students to develop good health habits and hard-working attitude. Female college students share housework, go out to work and be abducted and sold to a peasant family as their daughter-in-law

体味劳动辛酸苦辣 30名大学生换岗保洁阿姨  不容易!真的不容易!这么冷的天我都出了一身汗!”一位正在楼道拖地的武汉华夏理工学院男生如此感慨。昨天立冬,该校土木与建筑工程学院30余名95后大学生走进保洁间,让平日里忙碌辛苦的保洁员们“下岗”休息,自己上阵替代他们的工作,体验劳动的滋味。  昨天上午10点半,在华夏理工学院7号学生宿舍一楼,土木工程专业大二的黄曦正在楼道里拖地。小伙子弓着腰,推着一米宽的拖把卖力前行,他说他的责任区是整个一层和三层的楼道,从上午8点半开始到现在,已经拖了三遍了。  “这些活儿看起来轻松,没想到要做好还挺难。”该校土木工程专业大二的张苗苗说。  “他们都是大学生,能够在大冷天想到我们,就很让我们感动了,而且还真的撸起袖子去冲马桶、拖地。”保洁员朱师傅告诉记者,这些孩子都很聪明,一教就会,而且特别尊重他们。  据本次活动的策划者、该校土木与建筑工程学院杨志才老师介绍,天气渐寒,学生宿舍保洁员的工作十分繁重。发起这个活动,就是为了倡导学生们尊重劳动、尊重劳动者,并借此与普通劳动者交流沟通,促进学生们养成良好的卫生习惯和勤劳的生活态度。 女大学生为分担家务外出打工,被拐卖给一户农家做媳妇相关的主题文章: