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Arts-and-Entertainment beats Pro headphones hold down to mute th music To conclude, would re.mend t all users of mixed taste in music, s i have found out that these re rell nt biased twrd r&b hip hop (dre’s kind). they re good pair of headphones but ar incredibly fragile i have nt had thm for long nd th screws hv fallen out. althugh they hve incredible sound output and tht whn ou hve them on ou an nl hear the music and n on els but la b aware that veryone else cn hear wht u ar listening t bcue the sound escapes the Cheap beats Studio Headphones ver easily th Dr. Dre Pros fix thi problem but cost an awful lot mor fr what it ha t offer lthugh th are made f bettr material nd ar mre professional but dont get me wrong th beats SOLO Headphones ar incredibly good and properly th bt n the market nxt to the pros. beats SOLO Headphones ar incredibly good and properly th bt n the market been aftr a pair of the ince my Sennheiser IE8’s died on me, i originally tried the Dre Monster beats Studio Headphones with control talk but depit great sound i found thm un.fortable & i tred all th diffrent buds too…..never ben on fr ‘Cans’ but i uldn’t wait to tr the out, thy looked stunning & the reviews ll screamed t how great the were…the sound IS fantastic but ther’s n wa ou uld wear thm on th train / plane r n close proximity t nyone le wthout annoying, th sound leakage s phenomenal. i trid both Chase & Status & Kate Bush n them t bth full & half volume & n ch occasion i ould e m wife dancing but n the background, eithr mock raving r dong Kate Bush impression. i’m aware of how annoying t cn be on the train / tube t sitting next t mne & lerl beng bl t hear ever note / word the’r listening to, nd as great a th sound yur personal stereo wll cease to b nthing but personal.. They re working good, now th first thing that upset m but the product the corners of the box ws damaged and ripped from th inside. Then the Cheap beats SOLO Headphones tlf ws scratched deep on both sides, whih made m thnk that the product had been ud previously, l the part whr th batteries g in the lid had glue marks all over. At the am time noise cancellation dosn’t work so great. beats Studio Headphones unmistakeably great at producing pitch perfect music Are thse rell worth the price…..not really. YES! the re unmistakeably great at producing pitch perfect music, and the are s .fy on the head .I hav tw pairs nd i have hd thm bth for 6 months. They are the bst beats headphones i hav bought. The only downside is tht yu ned two aaa batteries for thm t work. When u hear people yng they ar fragile, bliv me, th aint tht bad t all! bvusl misuse wll break them but if yu take care of them, th wll last. This product great! Ive ud t alot f times nd alot of people notice its Beats By Dr Dre, Although, one thing to b careful wth who u are buying t from, i got t for alot cheaper thn th original price, but th box cm n bad presentation, but th headphones wr fine, jut be careful wth wh you buy it from! But i rate this product 5 stars definately! Great headphones, Cheaper n beatsbydre-detox… They hv nice design nd lok vry good n the table..I don’t knw about them bng n though. I listen to a lot of Dance and Drum & Base thse are wicked, thy beat an ipod beats Pro headphones . I an now listen to tracks I buy th proper wy and gt th most of my purchase. There’s lo mute button n the rght headset tht you hold down to mute th music nd continues t play when ou let go. Secondly a n a ou place them on, the re extremely .fortable. Usually with mt headphones u an wear thm fr period f time and the wll begin to beom un.fortable, nt these, you cn listen to your favourite music fr hours on end in .fort cheap beats detox headphones . About the Author: 相关的主题文章: