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Beijing aquarium Halloween Carnival exclusive quest site wonderful activities – the tourism Sohu once a year the arrival of Halloween, a sea of Halloween activities is open up a fresh outlook Beijing Ocean Museum held in hot. The museum has put on new clothes, a mystery, a sea of joy, waiting for the arrival of big and little friends. Different activities during the aquarium? Today we’ll take on the scene! Halloween is one of the most important festivals in the west. Because this day there is endless sugar – if the adults do not give sugar, it will be to accept the children mischief trick. Have you ever seen a PUMPKIN ELF and dolphin dancing? Have you seen the witch riding a broom on the seal? What happens when the Beijing aquarium meets Halloween? The Beijing aquarium staff and small animal who bear the brunt of the role of small adorable Halloween Ghost, to give us a wonderful animal show. On October 29-31 19:00 added a Halloween theme performance, let the kids with everyone welcome halloween. On Halloween makeup what is strong, you have to go to three places in Beijing aquarium designated, on the specified makeup to see the outcome. Of course, "Trick or Treat" tradition can not be broken, do not give sugar on the trouble, you have to dress up before you have sugar to eat oh. Of course, in this festival "provocative" activities is essential — the mysterious mask dress always makes people inadvertently encounter the TA, but also for parents and children play together the creative origami Halloween game. Wearing a pointy hat and adorable pumpkin ghost can skilled in folding birth! What’s more, the main character of Halloween was made by Wu Yi, eighteen, first of all. A three chance for each person to score a bottle with a score of 1 and a high score. More Beijing ocean museum tickets, Beijing Ocean Museum, Beijing Aquarium Dolphin bell theme theme Photo Award winners and other prizes! In addition, pumpkin also turned into a painting, decorative pumpkin aquarium small expert, is the chef whimsy onto the exclusive Halloween menu. Magic Cream Pumpkin soup, "angels and demons", "angry birds" and a series of halloween themed meals mysterious wonderful show. Pumpkin + magic soup mysterious taste do not want to taste it? There may be a mysterious force that makes you happy! The rich dishes blend of Halloween ideas, only in the festival activities during the period of limited supply, more delicious another new experience, I believe it will become a circle of friends suction eye weapon! Beijing Ocean Museum 2016 Halloween night, will become a mysterious carnival, waiting for you and your family together to uncover the mystery!相关的主题文章: