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Beijing to build a "sponge city" model of Tongzhou, Yanqing first pilot Sohu News – Beijing city planning and Land Resources Management Committee News, Beijing put forward the target in order to promote the protection and restoration of the existing ecological system, to protect the city’s ecological background, the Tongzhou and Yanqing two areas for Beijing "sponge city construction pilot. According to Xinhua news agency, Beijing building "target sponge city" is by increasing the water storage space, rainwater will stay; through the transformation of rigid pavement will rain down, by extending the flow path, the rainwater purification is good. A model will be built in Beijing livable, vibrant, water shortage area construction "sponge city", "rain do not water, the rain water waterlogging, not black odor, relieve the heat island." Sponge sketch map of Beijing city is put forward, to 2020, the city’s built-up area 20% area to achieve 70% rainwater local consumption. By 2030, the city’s built-up area 80% area to achieve 70% rainwater local consumption. Beijing city planning and land resources management committee responsible person, Tongzhou will combine the construction of sub center, in accordance with the requirements of the construction of high level and high standard construction, plain sponge city; Yanqing will be combined with the construction of World Horticultural Exposition, in accordance with the requirements of ecological civilization construction in the new model construction, "sponge city". According to reports, Tongzhou District will use 3 years to build a sponge city demonstration area, to achieve 70% rain elimination on the spot. The pilot area of the total area of 19.36 square kilometers, the construction task of building and residential area, including the sponge sponge, sponge type and green park roads and plazas, river remediation and ecological restoration, flood control and flood drainage, network construction, management and control platform construction of seven categories 51 construction projects. Its biological and buffer zone to use low retention effect, to improve the net speed of rain. At present, the construction of Tongzhou District sponge city demonstration area is still in the initial stage, the latter will be measured according to the effect of different partitions. It is reported that the "sponge city" refers to the city like a sponge, with good "elastic" in adaptation to environmental change and disaster response and so on, when it rains, water storage, water seepage, water purification, water storage will need to "release" and the upgrading of city ecological system function and reduce the flood disaster in the city. In recent years, many of our city during the heavy rains, will lead to serious waterlogging, a serious threat to the safety of the city and the living environment, "the urgent construction of sponge city". The beginning of April 2, 2015, 16 city China has started a pilot "sponge city" construction, namely: Qian’an, Baicheng, Zhenjiang, Jiaxing, Chizhou, Xiamen, Pingxiang, Ji’nan, Hebi, Wuhan, Changde, Nanning, Chongqing, Suining, Gui’an district and West Ham district.相关的主题文章: