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Bob Din won the Nobel Prize: an ideal atmosphere of nostalgia full original title: Bob Din: he also developed a lyric poet in the era of the author: Chen Jibing     source: public, "thought Bob Dylan glacier library" era gone by, the honor of the Nobel prize for literature is more like an ideal atmosphere nostalgia. Once a year the Nobel prize does not seem a little dispute they refused to give up, this year, undertake the mission to the role of literature prize from last year’s peace prize. In fact, the Nobel prize for literature has been awarded to a number of people who are not engaged in literature, and even have never created a "literary" in the strict sense. They include the German historian Theodor Monson (1902), German philosopher Rudolph oken (1908), the French philosopher Henry Bergson (1927), the most famous British philosopher Bertrand Russell undoubtedly (1950), British politician Winston Churchill (1953). Even last year’s literary prize winner, Svetlana of, in the strict sense, was more of a journalist than a writer, and the author of the book was not a writer, but a writer, not a writer, but also a writer, not a writer, but also a writer, not a writer, but also a writer in Belarus. However, it was the first time in 115 years that it was awarded to a singer. Therefore, when the American folk rock singer Bob Din won the 2016 Nobel prize for literature, people can not help but exclaim: this, the literary critics laid off, need to play a music critic. One of my colleagues in the publishing company joked: "when I heard the news, I sold the book and cried…… Bob Din won the Nobel prize for literature. But this openness may be more in line with the award of the Alfred Nobel’s wishes, his will to prize the description is this: in the literature has created an idealistic tendency the most outstanding works of people. As a result, the prize is more of a winner of the "idealism", and not necessarily confined to the novelist, playwright and poet in the narrow sense of the "writers" in the middle. In a sense, I even think that this year’s Nobel prize for literature has some implications for returning to the original of literature. Throughout the history of literature, initially originated from all singing — the source of Western literature, Homa is a poet, his "Homa epic" is used to sing rather than read aloud; in Chinese, from Book of Songs, has been to the Yuefu songs of Chu, Tang and Song poetry, yuanqu…… Literature has always been singing. It can be said that the mainstream of literature and singing only 500 years apart. In 1996 Bob Dylan was officially nominated for Nobel prize in literature, the "Beat Generation" in the most outstanding writer Alan Ginsberg wrote in a letter of recommendation to a proper extent: his works help us restore the vital link between music and poetry. Yesterday, the Swedish Academy announced that this year’s Nobel prize in literature was awarded to Bob Din, reason is: he used traditional American songs to create a new poetic expression. 20 Hao相关的主题文章: