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Broadband-Internet The popularity of broadband access increases the need for sophisticated firewall software. Read our short report to see how firewall software can protect your computer. Broadband access is also known as high-speed internet access. The popularity of broadband access is increasing these days. It is because broadband access is much faster than a dial-up connection. There is no need of dialing. Consumers can use the phone line while they are connected to the internet. The downside is broadband access is more susceptible to hacker attacks. Therefore, a good firewall program is a must for broadband users. Broadband users are more susceptible to hacker attacks because their internet connection is always on. This is true even when they do not open the e-mail program and web browser. Broadband connection usually has a static IP address with unprotected or open ports. Hackers or crackers can locate these unprotected computers easily using routine port scans. Once they gain access to the computer, hackers can do different things. They can install an application in the computer, hijack the data files, steal confidential banking and identity data, or use the computer to hack another computer. Although many computer users have antivirus and antispyware software installed, these programs cannot block hacker attacks. A personal firewall is what broadband users need to protect their PCs from hackers. It does the job in different ways. A firewall program masks the IP address, making the computer invisible on the internet. PC users can use program controls to allow or deny internet access to programs. Sophisticated firewall software also have ID lock feature, which prevents personal information from leaving the computer without permission. Personal firewall can also block pop-up ads and cookies and provide other features for overall protection. For more information about personal firewall, please visit the following web site: .software.4reviews../firewall.htm About the Author: 相关的主题文章: