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Home-Improvement For all the talk of Hindu gods and goddesses it is probably the relatively unassuming images of Buddha that has evoked that in.parable sense of awe, admiration, inspiration and pure religious and spiritual faith in all of us. It really does not matter in the least whether you are a Buddhist or not. The moment you .e across a Buddha statue you are for at least a brief passage of time transported to another divine world. Isnt this true? Here in India, we have had a very rich history and tradition of not only production of Buddha statues in various materials but also of the distinctive Buddhist art itself. In fact, the origins of Buddhist art itself took place in our great nation only. Hence, it is not at all surprising that every aspect of the Buddhist art including sculpture has found its maximum levels of expression in the hands of the greatly skilled artisans who have made their home here only. Wood is, of course, one of the most preferred base materials for producing these truly glorious pieces of Buddha statues. Rosewood, sandal wood, and other kinds of woods are all used liberally to form the base for such exquisite works of art. Buddha in His various moods and postures are chiseled to perfection! You have meditating Buddha, Sitting Buddha and Lord Buddha in so many other postures and situations that you are really spell bound when you see for yourselves the abundant choice in front of you. Making your task all the more easier is the surfacing of a plethora of web portals that do online retailing of Buddha statues here. These online players extend to you the entire choice that is available in the regular market place and offer them at really attractive prices. The craftspersons here are in.parable when it .es to the fine art of chiseling, etching ,engraving, polishing etc these figurines and busts. Starting with Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh , Bihar, Orissa (erstwhile Kalinga region) and a few other states are where the maximum action takes place when it .es to turning out superlative Buddha statues in various hues, moods and following their own distinctive set of styles. Lord Buddha ji (Full) and Thatagat Buddha which Lord Buddhas head idol made in premium quality dark wood are a couple of the more rare and not to be missed choices that you have selling in the online market space currently. About the Author: Satyajit Banerjee is an expert writer in handicraft arena and writes for Craffts.., an e.merce portal for handcrafted and Handmade products. It offers wide range of products across various categories ranging from Lord Buddha jee ,Buddha Bust Figure much more. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: