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Mobile-Cell-Phone Let this article make you clear the entire Android application development process. Another thing to be cleared is that you might be a bit confused as how to get started. The first thing to do is you be.e familiar with the Android app development software kit. It is Android SDK. The Android Software Development Kit .es with a .plete set of tools and other software. Here is a general list of tools and software that .e with each Android SDK. -> Debugger it is a program used to test other programs -> Libraries these are the collection of implementations of behaviors with a well-defined interface by which the behavior of applications is invoked. -> Handset Emulator Based on QEMU – Handset emulators duplicates the functions of one .puter system in another .puter system. -> Sample Code sample code of apps that developers can use to learn several things. -> Tutorials & Documentation the literature for android application development. Apart from above mentioned stuffs, you will discover more once you begin to use the kit. The first step is you get yourself familiarized with the getting starter function. The tutorial will be helpful at this stage. The tutorial informs everything about the starter module. The module explains things that you must need to understand before beginning Android application development. Once you .plete it, you will be directed to make your first app. Most of the Android application development tools are as similar as required in Java software development. The library of the kit offers additional functions that you can use in your project. With these functions, you would be able to build feature & function-rich applications. Library also offers tool that you need to debug and run your apps. The kit also .es with developer toolbox. The toolbox contains modules that help you learn how to write code. Once you learn to write code, things like custom .ponents and app structure can be easily built. It is of course a .plicated process but with well-explained tutorials, things can be.e easy. With sample source codes, you can learn more about the development process. Sample source codes let you learn how to make certain functions and feature active in your app. Reading and learning code is strongly re.mended. Sample codes also give you an idea about what is popular in Android user-.munity. It is doubtlessly a challenging task to write a code from scratch but with these sample codes, you learn several things and implement a code in your own application. Once you learn the entire process, development turns out to be easy as well. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: