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The bus driver did not grab the yellow male passenger dissatisfaction actually provided umbrella beat (Figure) – Sohu news   September 20th about 6:22 in the morning, in the street of Zigong city tanmulin a traffic light intersection, 18 bus driver Jiang Yu immediately found the front light yellow light, because it is downhill and slippery road. For security reasons, he did not rush through, but the choice of waiting. Never thought that this move caused a male passenger dissatisfaction on the car. The man said to hurry and go forward and Jiang Yu theory, then pick up the carry umbrellas and hit Jiang Yu, leading to bleeding, bruising Jiangyu head arm. Currently, the public security organs have been involved in the investigation. Don’t grab the yellow light passenger bus driver was beaten with passengers at 6:20 on the morning of September 20th, Zigong was still not completely bright, 18 bus driver Jiang Yu as usual from tanmulin stadium to long soil. "In front of the green light will soon turn yellow, taking into account the poor sight, as well as downhill slide, I did not accelerate the brakes on the past." Jiang Yu said: "the car just stopped, sitting next to the driver of a male passenger came up to me and asked why I do not open the past, he said to be in a hurry." In the course of the theory, the man was very emotional, I explained to him, is to stop parking for safety considerations, he did not listen, that I was deliberately delayed his time." Finally, the man directly onto the Jiangyu umbrella body, then the car of a man approached discouraged, before leaving the man." Jiang Yu said, originally thought that the passengers are just a small mood, they did not keep driving on the heart. However, in a few minutes after the bus ride, let Jiang Yu unexpected things happen again. After crossing, the bus in Zigong Fourth People’s Hospital door opposite, bus monitor display, about 6:25, the man again walked beside the cab, a few words after the umbrella is elongated, with an umbrella to fight against Jiang Yu, under the count, played a total of 11, and this time the bus was traveling, Jiang Yu the only barrier but did not fight back. For no reason to be hit is very angry man seems to be beaten by him, in order to safety I had to stop the bus in the road, and reported 110." Jiang Yu said that after contact with the company, the bus company to arrange vehicles on the car more than 10 passengers were transported, then hit the man trying to seize the opportunity to escape, he also wanted to turn the window to escape, I pulled back. After the police rushed over, he ran, has been running to understand the bridge overpass was chased back by the police." After the incident, Jiang Yu forehead bleeding arm had multiple bruises, waist injury, was sent to the nearby hospital for treatment. "The injury is not very heavy, but at the beginning of the time to eat to vomit, after two days basically good." Jiang Yu said that after the incident, the district police station involved in the investigation. Jiang Yu recalls, beating the man about 30 years old, plump, from the appearance, do not see what seems strange, grumpy, "then the police station to find me once, telling me that the problem of the man spirit, and epilepsy)相关的主题文章: