Cash on delivery scam to buy the package without the net to be careful 9c8950

"Cash on delivery" to the online shopping scam didn’t received the parcel to be careful "warm double 11" has not completely faded, dozens of hundreds of online shopping for a one-time items of hand chop party, remember everything they buy is still a bit difficult. Criminals use this to design a "cash on delivery" scam. If you do not have online shopping things, but received a delivery of the courier package, it should be careful. November 17th, Chengdu resident Mr. Luo said the courier received a phone call, to pay 29 yuan courier fee. Because sometimes use cash on delivery way, Mr. Luo did not think it through Alipay to express staff 29 yuan. Took the parcel, Mr. Luo found that there is a piece called "HONHX" watch. "It is not what I buy, the quality of the product is not good, it is not worth a look." Mr. Luo in the shopping platform to search the price of the brand watches, found that as long as the price of 9.5 yuan. Also in 17, living in Chengdu Jinjiang District city Shuijingfang Street Ms. Chen also received a telephone call from the courier company, told her two parcels to. Ms. Chen is a commodity that stores, hurried downstairs to charge. The courier said these two goods are business gifts, postage must be out of their own, 39 yuan each, she did not want to pay 78 yuan postage. Ms. Chen returned home to open the two packages, which were placed with a scarf, the material color exactly the same, the workmanship is very rough, like a veil over the desk two, did not use, Ms. Chen realized that he cheated. Reporters then added a call to pay the exchange of QQ group, found that the delivery of the courier parcel has become a new scam online shopping tide. According to a group of people claiming to be a courier, such as the payment is not all courier fees, but the collection of money". This kind of courier will generally use some very low price items to cheat the difference, about 80% of courier costs will be returned to the shipper. And once the express delivery, these losses can not be recovered. Some consignee knowingly cheated, but because the amount is small, most of them can only be considered bad luck". The reporter visited the Chengdu Shuanglin road SF express and several other courier companies, courier said, their main duty is responsible for the safety of goods accurately to the recipient’s hands, what specific items, they are not very clear. If consumers encounter cash on delivery, be sure to check the sign again, once the sign of the entry system, and then refund will be very troublesome. Newspaper reporter Zhao Yuanchi相关的主题文章: