CCF big data and computational intelligence contest who want to use big data analysis who stole elec soojin

CCF big data and computational intelligence contest to who stole the power of big data analysis, also want to do these ten things – the national grid technology Sohu should have been stealing for the broken heart, as it seeks to big data solutions in an effort to solve this problem. September 24th, in the fourth session of the CCF big data and computing intelligence contest launch ceremony, the national grid issued a related to the two race. The national Power Grid Corp said, hope that through big data analysis technology, carry out scientific anti-theft monitoring and analysis, in order to improve the anti stealing work efficiency, reduce the time and cost of electricity theft behavior analysis. At the same time, national Power Grid Corp hopes big data analysis technology, carry out scientific analysis of power sensitive customers, in order to accurately identify sensitive customers, and quantify the degree of sensitivity, and support for the fine customer service strategy. In addition to the national grid would like to take this opportunity to solve the above problems, Sogou, ant gold clothing, AdMaster, Yu Shi Technology Research Institute, China Unicom Chinese companies and institutions also released another 9 tournament title, including search advertising, O2O marketing, public opinion analysis, monitoring and identification and calculation of advertising, unmanned, market forecast, LBS marketing, climate prediction and other fields. Lei Feng ("Lei Feng network" public concern) learned that the 11 tournament title released bonus pool accumulated has reached 550 thousand yuan, and in accordance with the previous contest experience, to participate in the contest is not only the students’ party, and the enterprises and social individuals and groups dedicated to participate in team. Tournament title publisher resorted to real data according to the organizers Chinese Computer Society (CCF) enterprises and released in competition, a standard database different from similar games provided data, a large number of real data provided by the tournament title may be the reason to attract many players of A. On behalf of the National Grid said, they released the tournament title from the following aspects: first, to provide user information on a regional power supply region of the national grid; second, with the exception of the business after the electric information judged later, these electricity information through professional analysis, really abnormal. After the abnormal information of users, participants can according to these data, found that the behavior of electricity users, the formation of stealing user portrait, accurate identification of electricity to the national grid users, improve the monitoring efficiency of electricity, reduce electricity losses. Sogou representatives said, we provide a 100 thousand user level query behavior, this is the 100 thousand users to search online through the questionnaire in various ways to obtain the real gender, age, education and other data, we hope to come up with half of the data as the training exercises, the other half as test questions, search behavior to identify a person’s age gender and education. Chinese Unicom also said that they provide Internet users 30 thousand detail record, which is 3 months to record online behavior records and call record, and position data of 10 thousand merchants and activity data. In addition to the original data, it also provides the intermediate process data based on the original data. Of course, the above game publishers also stressed that the above information are gone.相关的主题文章: