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.puters-and-Technology In a .puter memory chips are internal places in a .puter. The term memory chips popularly used to refer the RAM or random access memory of a .puter. Defective memory chips can cause serious damage to your .puter performance and if you are confronting problems in memory chips, it is always better to replace it. But before you move on to change the memory chips on your .puter you need to know what type of RAM is required for your system. .puter repair technicians suggest you to check the type of RAM module you are using. For this you need to check the information that is written on the memory chips. You need to ensure that you replace the memory chip with the same type of chips on your mother board. Now you can move on to replace the memory chips of your .puter. .puter repair technicians suggest you to remove any power cords that are attached to your .puter. They want you to work on an area which is static free. Experts suggest you to wear an anti-ESD wrist strap so that any static electricity attack can be avoided. Now you need to remove the .puter case, suggest the .puter repair technicians. Find that if any screw is holding it in place. If so, open the screws to remove the cover from the .puter. On your memory motherboard you need to look for the memory sockets. Usually on a .puter four larger slots are found. Check that whether your .puter has one or more RAM modules installed within. Now it is time to replace the memory, suggest the .puter repair technicians. Take the installed memory out of the slot and get prepared to place the new memory module. Tech support team suggests that you should not touch the memory chips because over time that can be harmful to the memory. Now try to push the module carefully inside the socket. It is advisable that you should not try to push it forcefully into the socket because that may damage the pins that are placed on the bottom of the module or on your motherboard. Now .puter repair experts suggest you to check that the module is rightly placed and the clamps are locked into the place properly. This step is very important because the proper running of the system will be dependent on proper replacement of your memory chips. Now it is time to replace the case of the .puter once again. Take all the screws and place to the right positions to firmly attach the .puter. Now plug the entire power cords switch on the power. Boot your .puter and see if everything is fine. Now check that the memory matches to the amount of memory you have just installed. While booting up, the .puter generally display the memory count. If your system dos not show the information automatically you can press the esc key at the time of booting to see the memory count and the test information on the display. Give time to the Windows to load and when done, check that whether the memory count matches the amount of RAM installed. To see the amount of RAM you can go to properties of your .puter. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: