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Chen Shuibian to the blue camp calendar recommendations: holding hands handcuffed to a Chen Shuibian photo original title: Blue calendar recommendations: handcuffed hands holding the picture Chinese Taiwan network November 15th news according to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that Chen Zhizhong yesterday (14 days) on Facebook (Facebook) send the pictures of the leaders of the Taiwan region Chen Shuibian three, a father and son, husband and wife affectionate as listening to music, as with his photo, to which the most suitable supporters voted "the 2017 Chen Shuibian Memorial calendar". This was the director of the KMT legislator Yang Zhenwu Office of Huang Zizhe acid, the three photos are a little bit of momentum, "the people of Taiwan have the impression on the photo or A-Bian holding hands handcuffed". Huang Zizhe said, originally thought that only Zhi Ling sister will be a photo calendar at the end of the year, did not expect the international certification embezzler Chen Shuibian, we do not know if he is still very strong, especially the three photo let you "I-Voting", which are "Kuanghe A-Bian birthday as father and son", "A-Bian down the concert Chao", "A-Bian do not shake hands holding the dog according to the". Huang Zizhe wants everyone to play the way "daijialaihuacha", see A-Bian is where is not the same. Huang Zizhe said, this may compare "the Ministry of Justice approved" let Chen Shuibian baowaijiuyi reason: brain nerve degeneration, sleep apnea, urine leakage deterioration, lethal danger at any time. But he felt that Chen Zhizhong made three in a little bit of momentum, "the people of Taiwan the most impressive or A-Bian holding hands handcuffed on the picture, it is a classic forever forever!" Source: China Taiwan network editor: Li Peng相关的主题文章: