Choosing A Sharepoint Consultant-poper

Software Its a tough world out there today. The .petition is so ruthless that unless you’ve optimized every little, tiny itsy .ponent of your business, you’re going to fail. I’m not scaremongering over here, its just basic fact. One of the (best) ways to get your business and employees optimized as much as possible is SharePoint. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard all the hype. Its actually true. It does do wonders and it is easy to implement… and even easier when you use the help of a consultant. I’ve see to many people get killed off by their arrogance when getting sharepoint though. They insist on doing it on their own. Trying to implement it without seeking help, and just going for it. Its an especially easy trap to fall for, since sharepoint is made to seem so easy to use. But don’t let that fool you. You can’t make the best use of it unless you make it a second shift to study it, or you dedicate a whole team to just figure out how to best implement it. Just be wise and use a consultant. I’m not going to pain a rosy picture where getting a consultant makes flowers grow out of monitors, but… It is quite true that they can save you a lot of headache, wasted time, money and resources. Why waste years trying to find out how to make sharepoint work best for you, when you can get someone to .e in and spot what needs tweaking right away? Here’s what I believe you need to look out for… 1. How many previous clients have they produced solutions for? This is so crucial that it can not be over-stated. The number one reason you’re getting a consultant is because he’s had experience solving sharepoint integration issues. He has seen implementation anxiety, and he knows the psychology of solving different teams views on implementing it. 2. Specially Tailoring And Customizing The System If you want to make the best use of sharepoint, you just can’t throw some (any) solution and hope it works out. You are a unique business with a unique culture, unique personalities and types of teams. Each one of those will interact with sharepoint differently. This is why you need someone from outside who can do a good assessment of what’s unique in your business, and then customize the solution to your needs. 3. Don’t Be Afraid To Be Demanding I can’t stress this enough. You’re hiring an expert precisely because you need someone who knows much, much more than you do. You want to focus on getting as many references as possible. You want to drill for this consultant’s mindset until you’re tired of drilling. A top class consultant will be able to .e up with solutions, explain things and answer questions no matter how boring they are. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: