Cold chain logistics key technology Sohu – fresh is of vital importance

Cold chain logistics: key to fresh electricity of vital importance? – Sohu technology in the rapid development of the electricity supplier of fresh under the impetus of cold chain logistics in the future will become more sophisticated and intelligent, and will also be the unicorn platform will be born of cold chain logistics distribution industry. Referred to the development of Chinese fresh electricity supplier, is Rainbow Night a scene: one side is the delicious 77 collapse, love fresh fruit for bee mass layoffs, all closed, a table under the net frame of all goods…… On the other hand is a fresh electricity supplier market repeatedly from the capital rain". According to Analysys think tank released the latest "Chinese fresh electricity supplier logistics industry report 2016" data show that: in March 6th, Ma won the Alibaba fresh box of tens of millions of dollars of investment; in March 7th, two fresh fresh business platform to free capital and wealth Dingxin people jointly led a $20 million investment in March 28th, fresh fruit is easy; and from the Alibaba, KKR joint investment of $260 million, a record industry financing scale most; in March 29th, every orchard Jingdong led a $100 million investment, at the same time, the treasurer is also on the same day to get fresh from the Feng Shang capital, capital today led a $30 million investment; in April 28th, daily and fresh from the CRE capital, far east horizon far wing joint investment of $230 million; in May 24th, originally life from Joyoung shares, Integal rich capital etc. Leading investment of $117 million. The collapse of the storm continued, why the capital is still chasing infatuation? Maybe there are a lot of people will feel somewhat confusing, since fresh business platform so many failures, why there will be capital Alibaba, Jingdong and other institutions so much like fresh electricity? First, fresh electricity supplier has a huge market size, and the future growth rate is very rapid. According to Analysys think tank released "Chinese fresh electricity supplier logistics industry report" shows: 2016 by the end of 2015, Chinese fresh electricity supplier logistics industry market transactions was 16 billion 260 million yuan, representing an increase of 87% in 2014 from the previous month, accompanied by the rapid growth of fresh electricity market scale, forecast 2016 Chinese fresh electricity supplier logistics industry trade scale will reach 27 billion 420 million yuan, an increase of 68.6% in 2017, China fresh electricity supplier logistics industry market scale will reach 43 billion 490 million yuan, an increase of 58.6%. Secondly, the relevant data show that as early as 2011, the network of retail penetration of cosmetics reached 16.3%, 3C class goods reached 15.6%, clothing reached $14.3%. And by 2016, the current market penetration of fresh electricity supplier is less than 2%, which is also a large untapped market gaps and development. Finally, with the domestic and constantly improve the level of information, and more and more 80, 90 have begun to set up their own families, especially the gradually expanding economic scale lazy market, these people are busy every day after work, go to the supermarket, food market to buy fresh products is also more and more low frequency,.相关的主题文章: