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[color] ice baby Yao seven color 16102nd: the large number of strong rebound – the Sohu seven lottery results for 7370043, and the number of features are as follows: the value of 24, a span of 7, mass ratio of 4:3012 is 4:3:0, the parity ratio is 4:3, the size ratio of 2:5. 2016102 seven color prediction: mass ratio analysis: the mass ratio at 4:3, prime numbers show dominance, the more optimistic about the number, mass ratio of 3:4 out of concern. 012 way analysis: the seven number 012 road 1010010 road form combination, this period attention 2 Road 0, 1 road to enhance the number, auxiliary number, key value ratio 2:1:4. Parity ratio analysis: the period of parity out than 4:3, strong odd number, even low, the parity ratio of 6:1. Analysis: the size is larger than the size of out than 2:5, leading the small code number, the code is expected to see the main advantage of the number, the ratio of 6:1. Four yards duplex recommendation: 0139-0479-1348-5678-1689-1589-2469 (source: color treasure network)相关的主题文章: