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Home-Schooling Education is broadly defined as a facilitating process of learning. A lot of .ponents collectively derive the word education. Some of the most .monly used mediums may be storytelling, discussion, teaching, training or mostly research. Education is one entity that takes place under a proper guidance of people who are known as educators. The learners are also benefited by educating themselves which .pletes a cycle of a process known as auto didactic learning. Education is one way of influencing the mind of people and create a formative effect on the way people think or act. Education is divided into various stages such as, preschool stage, primary stage, secondary and finally college, university stage. Preschools are defined as educational establishments aimed towards offering education to children at initial stages of their life. Preschools provide education to children between the age group of 3-5 years. These schools are either privately owned or government run. Zee Learn is looked upon as pioneers in the field of education. Zee Learn endeavor has been to create excellent educational institutions synthesizing the human values with the highest quality of teachinglearning using modern technology-driven tools for preparing a well-rounded personality for our society across India, educating the younger generation and building the confidence for achieving success. This recognition is a testimony to the fact that we have been successful in imparting these key elements to the young ones, across all our .work of schools and preschools in the country. Kidzee has touched the lives of more than 4, 00,000 children in India, Kidzee works in the direction of discovering the innate potential of each child, trusting each child to be unique. Their objective is to encourage childs interest, direct them the right way to explore, help them to reach skills and implants the joy of learning that would set the tone for the rest of their lives. The Kidzee programs, being age appropriate, integrate a cohesive learning pedagogy that encourages learning mainly by helping the child in realizing her exceptional capabilities in a methodical, synergistic, and self-paced manner. Kidzee teacher are assigned with the accountability and responsibility to create life-readiness in children. Kidzee teachers go through the ‘Illuminaire’ training which requires a well-evolved pedagogical orientation, with activities planned for physical, social, and emotional development of a child. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: