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The family style sound "parents" sell old pit Empty Nester spend 70 thousand to buy the elderly consumer health care products of health care products and health products when the drug is deceived to eat, eight year old man was admitted to the hospital; to be a "parents" to call, Empty Nester move the heart, spend 70 thousand yuan to buy a health care products; more than 30 years listening to lectures, always live frugally to the elderly to buy a about 100000 yuan of health care products…… In October 9th, the Consumer Council of Sichuan issued the consumption situation of the elderly, and the health care products have become the hardest hit areas for the elderly consumer complaints. The first three quarters of this year, the province’s consumer organizations received consumer complaints involving health food, health care products of the 325 cases, the old man cheated for Empty Nester. Health care products complaints 325 onwards, old people "routine" a deep flyer, a lecture, Chengdu 81 year old Huang Xiuli and health care "bar" on the. The lecture is free and free for us to examine." Huang Xiuli said, it was that check, she was found bad blood circulation. Subsequently, a man who claimed to be a professor of the university recommended 4000 yuan a bottle of medicine, which was taken from the yak whip, yam and other precious medicinal materials. Since then, Huang Xiuli and his wife received numerous telephone calls, the phone, a young man and a girl called a parents, two old people heard that to buy a variety of health care products to sell each other, spent 70 thousand yuan savings, but the feeling after eating is not what effect." Chengdu Qingbaijiang (micro-blog) 85 year old Jiang Hongyi, a monthly pension of 3000 yuan to spend all health care products; Chengdu Jinniu District Ding uncle spent all their savings, but also became a "Moonlight clan"…… These old people have a common feature: empty nest elderly. Provincial Council Secretary General Xiao Xiangrong introduced his lectures and patients; free experience, preferential gift; family care and hospitality door are commonly used "old routines flicker". The first three quarters of this year, the province’s consumer organizations received consumer complaints involving health care products of the 325 cases, "because the operators played the family card, Empty Nester easily caught." Xiao Xiangrong appealed to the young people to care more about the old people in the family. "Especially, they should pay more attention to their spiritual life and communicate with the old people more." Nearly 8 of consumers confused health care products and pharmaceuticals in July this year, the state of Liangshan (micro-blog) Xichang City Consumer Protection Committee carried out a questionnaire survey of local middle-aged consumers, 45% of consumers buy health food; 37% of consumers agree to buy health food. It is worth noting that 78% of consumers do not understand the difference between health food and medicine. 2015 years 5 months, Jin Cang village town in Jingyan County 83 year old Mr. Yu because of chest pain, bloating, nausea in the hospital, arch-criminal capsule is the old man in the health station can cure cough, shortness of breath, tired of buying. Originally, the old man lung is not very good, the health station staff to this to the human lungs health care function of the health care products as drugs sold to him. In the local council’s mediation, Mr. Yu health station to give 20 thousand yuan compensation, while the health station alleged illegal business behavior has been transferred to the local food and Quality Supervision Bureau handled separately. Blue hat logo to remind Xiao Xiangrong to remember to ask for receipts to remind older consumers, health care products, cleaning

亲情式推销声声“爸妈”坑老 空巢老人花7万买保健品 老年人消费保健产品谨防上当受骗 保健品当药品来吃,八旬老人住进了医院;被一口一个“爸妈”地叫,空巢老人动了心,花7万元买了保健品;一年听了30多场讲座,一向省吃俭用的老人买了10多万元的保健品……10月9日,四川省消委会发布老年人消费情况,保健品已成为老年人消费投诉的重灾区。今年前三季度,全省消委组织接到消费者投诉涉及保健食品、保健用品方面的案件325起,受骗的老人多为空巢老人。保健品投诉325起 悠老人“套路”深一张传单,一场讲座,成都81岁老人黄秀丽和保健品“杠上”了。“讲座是免费的,还免费给我们检查身体。”黄秀丽说,正是那次检查,她被查出血液循环不好。随后,一名声称大学教授的男子向她推荐了价值4000元一瓶的药,说成分取自牦牛鞭、山药等名贵药材。自此之后,黄秀丽和老伴儿接到无数电话,电话那头,年轻小伙和姑娘一口一个爸妈地叫着,老两口听得高兴,掏钱买了对方推销的各种保健品,花光了7万元积蓄,“但感觉吃了后并没什么效果。”成都青白江(微博)85岁的蒋弘毅每月3000元的退休金全花在保健品上;成都金牛区的丁大爷花光了积蓄,还成了“月光族”……这些老人都有一个共同特点:空巢老人。省消委会秘书长肖向荣介绍,专家讲座、患者现身说法;免费体验、优惠赠送;亲情关爱、殷勤上门都是忽悠老人的常用“套路”。今年前三季度,全省消委组织接到消费者投诉涉及保健品方面的案件325起,“因为经营者多打亲情牌,空巢老人极易中招。”肖向荣呼吁年轻人多关心家里的老人,“特别要多关心他们的精神生活,多与老人沟通、交流。”近8成消费者搞不清保健品与药品今年7月,凉山州(微博)西昌市保护消费者权益委员会对当地中老年消费者进行了一次问卷调查,45%的消费者有购买保健食品的经历;37%的消费者赞成购买保健食品。值得注意的是,78%的消费者不了解保健食品和药品的不同。2015年5月,井研县三江镇金仓村83岁的余先生因胸腔疼痛、胃胀恶心进了医院,罪魁祸首就是老人在卫生站买的能治“咳、喘、累”的胶囊。原来,老人肺不太好,卫生站工作人员把这个对人体肺部有保健作用的保健品当做药品销售给他。在当地消委会的调解下,卫生站对余先生给予2万元赔偿,而卫生站涉嫌违法经营的行为也已移送当地食品和质量监督管理局另案处理。提醒认清小蓝帽标志记得索要发票肖向荣提醒老年消费者,保健品并非药品,身体不适时,一定要到正规医院去检查就医。此外,在购买保健品时,除了要因需购买、到证照齐全的销售场所购买外,还要注意辨别真伪。正规保健品有小蓝帽的保健食品标志和批准文号,标志为蓝色图案,下方有“保健食品”字样,国产保健食品为“卫食健字 第号”或“国食健字第号”;进口保健食品为“卫进食健字第号”。购买保健品后,记得索取正规票据并妥善保存。华西都市报记者吴冰清相关的主题文章: