Feminists Modern Day Witches-kasey chase

Motivation You may think referring to feminists today as witches is an odd term but in many aspects, feminists relate to the term, being identical enough to be called that. You see, the term witches here is metaphoric, taken as females of power and might who had magic coursing through their veins. The same powerful beings are feminists, which is why the term modern day witches is fitting. Whats Feminism? Feminism may be a widely used word all over, but many people have a misinterpreted definition of it or a confused concept. The real meaning of feminism is not exploiting the status of being female to gain rights over men the real meaning resonates with equality, justice, and fairness, with no concept of gender discrimination, unless strictly necessary. Feminism can be a political, societal, economic, cultural, social, educational, or civil movement. The main purpose remains to establish equal and legal rights for women. However, like the term is often misinterpreted and confused, many feminists themselves have a distorted and .pletely out of proportion understanding and belief of feminism. This brings a gap in our feminists are modern day witches theory not ALL feminists are suited to the label. So what kind of feminists account for being moderns day witches? While differences are likely, to us, a real feminist, someone who fits the term of modern day witch is one who doesnt just advocate women but also advocates for childrens rights. Feminists who advocate for childrens rights as well play a major role in society, especially when it .es to the subject of young girls. Today, in many societies and cultures, young girls are deprived of the basic rights to education, hold inferior rank, and are often subject to child abuse as well. This is a major concern for the entire world, and it seems that no one but these feminists are trying to fight for their rights. It be.es easy for people to curse and humiliate feminists much like they did to witches in the old days but the reason is not because they oppose it, but because they are scared of the power such females yield. Witches back then were displayed as evil, crazy, and unnatural. Feminists today are displayed as head strong, irrational, and crazy. See the similarities? It is because both, witches and feminists, hold a power in them, a power which cannot be seen but holds the might to change the world. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: