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News-and-Society The world is being destroyed by fundamentalism, the demand is of an Earth the way it was and that too with each other. Over the years we have been dominated by the culture of violence, destruction and death which has left us with an Earth which doesn’t feel like home anymore and its people aren’t like family anymore. It’s the Humans who have destroyed the earth with their greed, violence and hatred and it’s the responsibility of the Humans to restore Earth Democracy. What the world needs is a paradigm shift to respond to the fragmentation which has been caused by various forms of fundamentalism. Today the Earth needs a culture of non-violence, creative peace and life. The Earth needs a movement to be saved from Human greed, consumerism and .petition. These three things are letting down the safeguard approach towards mother Earth. Analyzing the situation to promote Earth democracy movement, India has started working towards this great initiative which provides an alternative worldview in which humans are embedded in this movement. This movement gives an alternative view that humans are connected to each other through love and .passion, and these should be the objectives of the human life. A renowned NGO has been working towards this initiative following the footsteps of Gandhiji’s and inspired by Dandi March. The organization took the initiative to fight against Seed Laws and Patent Laws and launched the Seed Satyagraha. The laws that seek to make sharing and saving of seed a crime in this country by forcing people to pay royalties to certain .panies, this movement is to stop bowing down to them. The organizations head says that these seeds are our collective heritage and why should people pay royalties to .panies like Monsanto? Seed democracy demands that the Indian Law doesn’t allow to legalize patents on seed and food and also TRIPs (trade-related aspects of intellectual property rights) to review to exclude patents on seed and food. The organization under the movement has pledged to protect sovereignty to save the seeds and grow our food freely without the multinational .panies dominating the arena and controlling the seed flow. People have received the precious gift of biodiversity from ancestors and nature and protection of the rich biological heritage and fundamental freedom to save and exchange seeds. A campaign was launched by the organization on food rights and food democracy for a decentralized democratic and sustainable food system. The closure of small local and larger agro processing units that use of provide livelihood to lakhs of people due to entry of .panies like Cargill into direct procurements, transportation and processing. Food should be accepted as a Fundamental Human Right and should be produced and distributed in a democratic way is the demand of the grassroot level organization. Water Democracy is an initiative for water rights for the needs of the people, sustainability and democratization of water accessibility. This movement is being done to promote traditional water harvesting systems and equitable access to water, and protecting water from privatization and .modification. A coalition of 100 groups had already stopped the World Bank scheme of privatization of Delhi’s water supply to Suez, which would have been effectively stealing Ganga water from farmers. The organization have also effectively stopped Coca Cola’s operations which was stealing Kerala’s ground water by creating profits from hoarding and polluting the water of the .mon people. The organization is also working towards collaborating farmer groups from Bundelkhand (UP) and Uttarakhand to fight against the River Linking Projects like Ken-Betwa and Sharda-Yamuna, which they say is nothing but theft of water and water heritage. Apart from all of this India’s economic growth has violently dispossessed millions from their own land and fundamental rights. There has been massive land grabs that is been going on in the country which are taken over by either state or .panies. Land is a essential .ponent for human sustenance and its shouldn’t be used as a .modity with showing absolutely no concern for the lives of the .mon people. There should be land sovereignty in this country. We all have to unite towards this movement of Earth Democracy to safeguard the Seeds, Lands and Water of our pla.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: